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It is scheduled to be published throughout the ISWI period, 2010 through 2012, by SERC (Space Environment Research Center) of Kyushu University, Japan. The publisher is Professor K. Yumoto (also Director of SERC) and the editor is George Maeda, who is a member of his SERC staff. This newsletter was requested by Prof. Hans Haubold (United Nations Program on Space Applications) (click here UN PSA archive). His letter is a beautifully concise statement about the mission of ISWI - where it came from and where it is to go.

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Four issues of the Newsletter were published in 2009. See the list
Vol. 1 No. 1Inaugural issue (600 hard copies were distributed by SERC and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs)No
Vol. 1 No. 2AWESOME Project (from Dr Morris Cohen)No
Vol. 1 No. 3ISWI Logo Contest (the official announcement) No
Vol. 1 No. 4SID (Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance) -- VLF Monitor No
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One hundred and nine issues of the Newsletter were published in 2010 See the list
Vol. 2 No. 1Logo contest reminder; Japan Kick Off Meeting; New IYA logo No
Vol. 2 No. 2Two COSPAR-related items (meeting report and book review) No
Vol. 2 No. 3Rabat, Morocco (meeting notes from November 2009)No
Vol. 2 No. 4Letter by Dr Hans Haubold (dated 10 Jan. 2010) with 4 attached documents Yes(4)
Vol. 2 No. 5Letter by Alexander Warmuth (COSPAR at Bremen, Germany) No
Vol. 2 No. 6Letter from Werner Balogh (IAC)No
Vol. 2 No. 7Final IHY Korea UN Report Yes(5)
Vol. 2 No. 8Two book announcements (Asia IHY School and Putting the "I" in IHY)No
Vol. 2 No. 9UN Document 967E and ISWI organization in each participating nation.
Vol. 2 No.10Two attachments: 1. UNBSSI paper by Dr Hans Haubold, and 2. Spain Report No
Vol. 2 No.11Two attachments:1. Japan ODA (30 pages), and 2. Letter from Dr J. Davila to Prof. K. Yumoto Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.12Talk by Prof. Yumoto at 47th Session of Sci. and Tech. Subcommittee (Vienna, Austria)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.13Two attachments:1. Informal summary of 47th Session, and 2. ISWI overview, by Drs. J. Davila and N.Gopalswamy Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.1417-page UNBSSI PowerPoint presentation, covering Years 1990 to 2012. Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.15Two attachments:1. 2010 SERC School in India, and 2. Item on Prof. Mathai (event to take place in 2011) Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.161. ISWI Newsletter domain report, and 2. Announcement for AGU 2010 meeting in Brazil. No
Vol. 2 No.17News from Ivory Coast (Thesis of ZAKA Komenan Zacharie) Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.18GNSS workshop in Moldavia, May 2010. Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.19Two attachments:1. IYA2009 news, and 2. Four photos by Dr Watari (NICT, Japan) taken at COPUOUS, Vienna, 2010. Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.20TEPA - 2nd Circular (from Prof. Ashot of Armenia). Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.21"Call for Papers" - International Astronautical Congress @ Prague. No
Vol. 2 No.22Announcement for website of ISWI workshop (in Luxor, Egypt, November, 2010). No
Vol. 2 No.23Paper by Ferri/Savio/Plastino (Physica A) Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.24List of ISWI National Coordinators (taken from ISWI website) --- refer to this website for current info. Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.25Two attachments:1. 2nd announcement for Luxor website, and 2. many photos from IHY workshop in Korea (2009). Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.26SDO Press Release from NASA Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.27Two attachments:1. GPS Network in Africa, and 2. Heliophysics Summer School Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.28new Solar Observatory in Peru (by Dr Jose Ishitsuka, with IGP in Peru). Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.29CHAIN Project of Japan. Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.30IGRGEA letter (from Dr Christine Amory of France). Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.31Two attachments:1. Space Weather (NASA document, pdf), and 2. United Nations document. Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.32News from Ilorin, Nigeria (MAGDAS and Digisonde installation report, by Dr Adimula, et al.) Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.33Members of Slovak ISWI national committee (news from Dr Nat Gopalswamy, GSFC, NASA). No
Vol. 2 No.34Repeat announcement for GNSS Moldavia meeting (May of 2010). Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.35ISWI Instrument Providers (permanently on display at the ISWI website). Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.36CALLISTO news - Report 23 (from Switzerland). Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.37Space Weather Research in Egypt (6.3 MB pdf, 58 pages, by Dr. A. Mahrous of Helwan University). Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.38Master Table of Contents (TOC) of ISWI Newsletter up to 16 May (compiled by G. Maeda, SERC). Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.39The "ISWI Logo Contest" has a winning design. (includes final logo design, 6.5 MB pdf from the winner, Ben Cotts) Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.40ISWI Logo without the text in English V1. Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.41ISWI Logo without the text in English V2.Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.42Reminder about text-less versions of the ISWI logo No
Vol. 2 No.43Year 2012 ISWI Workshop in Ecuador (Preliminary Announcement by Prof. Lopez in Quito)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.44Space Weather Enterprise Forum 2010 - Washington DC - June 8, 2010.Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.45The Optical Mesosphere Thermosphere Imagers (OMTIs), a summary reportYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.46NASA on SWEF (Space Weather Enterprise Forum ), mentioned two issues agoYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.47Announcement for the New & Improved ISWI website. w/Photo taken at Bulgarian Academy of SciencesYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.48CALLISTO Status Report No. 24 (Report No. 23 was sent out in ISWI Newsletter vol 2, no. 36)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.49in memory of Valery Troitskaya (1917 - 2010). -Contributed to space plasma and ULF waves Eos, Vol. 91, No. 16, 20 April 2010Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.50More on SWEF (Space Weather Enterprise Forum);
Cover Sheet plus 31-page booklet
Vol. 2 No.51Update on SAVNET (South America VLF Network);
submitted by Jean-Pierre Raulin on 27 June 2010.
Vol. 2 No.52AGU Editor's Choice ( Space Weather );
now offered on service basis instead of subscription basis
Vol. 2 No.532010 ISWI-Africa Summer School in Ethiopia; Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.54CALLISTO Status Report No.25; (Milestone: solar radio event no. 1000)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.552010 ISWI-Africa Summer School in Ethiopia; (revised dates)Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.56Real time Data Transfer Techniques of the Global MAGDAS Magnetometer Network; ( IHY Korea presentation)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.57AAS Newsletter with short article on ISWI; ( (look at page 18 of the newsletter) )Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.58ICG document from Dr Hans Haubold ; ( (70-page pdf) )Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.59NASA Space Weather Poster and UNOV permanent space exhibit. ; Yes(2)
Vol. 2 No.60"Proceedings of the International Symposium on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Space-based and Ground-Based Augmentation Systems and Applications"; (Berlin) 11-14 Nov 2008, 30 Nov-2 Dec 2009No
Vol. 2 No.61First meeting of "ISWI Working Committee of Malaysia"; (3-page summary report)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.62"SA08: Special Session at Fall AGU 2010 "; No
Vol. 2 No.63"Bac Lieu Observatory (Vietnam)" and
Vol. 2 No.64"2010 paper by Prof. Kane of Brazil"; solar cycle research relatedYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.65"Prediction of the size of the coming solar cycle"; by Prof. Kane of Brazil.Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.66"Magnetar detection by SAVNET, submitted to Newsletter."; by Dr. Jean-Pierre RaulinYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.67Changes in the CALLISTO and PHOENIX observations and data archives.; No
Vol. 2 No.68(1) Short MAGDAS Report (Equator, Africa), and
(2) ISWI exhibit at Vienna (from Hans);
Vol. 2 No.69YerPhI Press Releases; WEB snapshotYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.70CBSS website - archive for NJSR (Nigerian Journal of Space Research) IHY issue.; WEB snapshotYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.71Three UN General Assembly reports
(ISWI-related, each issued in Year 2010.)
; [Thanks to Hans.]
Vol. 2 No.72CALLISTO at Rosse Observatory, Ireland.No
Vol. 2 No.73(1) Thank you letter to the organizers of IHY Korea 2009,
(2) info on WAPII (2010 workshop in Abuja Nigeria),
(3) info on National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Abuja Nigeria
Vol. 2 No.74Announcement for ISWI 2010 workshop in Egypt
(submitted by Dr Mahrous of Helwan University)
Vol. 2 No.75Space Weather School - at Helwan University (Egypt) Sept-Oct 2010.
(submitted by Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier)
Vol. 2 No.76Two documents: (1) UNOOSA Contributions to ISWI, and
(2) IAA Study Group on space weather cooperation.

(submitted by Dr Hans Haubold)
Vol. 2 No.77IGRGEA Letter No. 44 - Sept 2010
(submitted by Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier of France)
Vol. 2 No.78IYA 2009 -- Press Release (concerning the Final Report)
(submitted by Dr Hans Haubold)
Vol. 2 No.79Space Weather Out Reach example in Japan. (written in Japanese)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.80International Advanced School on Space Weather Modeling and Applications (Trieste, 2010)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.812010 ISWI Workshop (Egypt) - MAGDAS Session Proceedings (64p.)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.82International Scientific Optical Network (Russia) and African Skies website." No
Vol. 2 No.83CHAIN Project. article from "African Skies" No. 14 (June 2010)Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.84Master Table of Contents (TOC) of ISWI Newsletter as of 26 Oct 2010. Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.85ISWI Report for the IAU. by David Webb rcvd 30 Oct 2010.Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.86IAU Commission 46 (Astronomy Education and Development) . Newsletter 73- Oct2010. 22 pages. Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.87Agenda for 2010 ISWI Workshop Egypt. (Version 3, by Dr J. Davila, NASA) -- received 3 Nov 2010.. Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.88Final Program for 2010 ISWI Workshop Helwan University, Egypt.. (Received 5 Nov 2010)... Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.892010 ISWI Workshop News #1:
(1) Operational Plan for future workshops, and
(2) 48 photos taken during the Egypt workshop
Vol. 2 No.902010 ISWI Workshop News #2: Space Weather DVD is now available [Dr. Frank Jansen, Editor Space Weather DVD Bremen (Germany) 7 November 2010]". . Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.912010 ISWI Workshop News #3: (1) Message from Uruguay. and
(2) How to subscribe to the newsletter and access back issues.
Vol. 2 No.922010 ISWI Workshop News #4: The next ISWI Workshop (announcement) and (2) Prof Yumoto&Dr Rabiu photoYes(2)
Vol. 2 No.932010 ISWI Workshop News #5: "Basic Space Science and Atmospheric Science" with comment from Prof. Hans Haubold, ViennaYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.942010 ISWI Workshop News #6: IHY 2007 Workshop Proceedings just published ! Contents.Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.952010 ISWI Workshop News #7: NASA Press Release on 1st ISWI Workshop November 08, 2010. Yes(1)
Vol. 2 No.962010 ISWI Workshop News #8:
(1) "MAGDAS Session Summary Report" (by Prof. K. Yumoto, SERC)
(2) "MAGDAS Session" 48 photos
Vol. 2 No.972010 ISWI Workshop News #9: 1st ISWI Workshop (Helwan University, Egypt) ProceedingsYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.982010 ISWI Workshop News #10: 1st ISWI Workshop presentations available from ISWI websiteYes(1)
Vol. 2 No.992010 ISWI Workshop News #11: 1st ISWI Workshop Photos
(from the Workshop CD-ROM)
Vol. 2 No.1002010 ISWI Workshop News #12: 1st ISWI Workshop Photos
(from Edwin Choque Geophysical Institute of Peru)
Vol. 2 No.101 "IGRGEA LETTER" No45, November, 2010 English&French versionsYes(2)
Vol. 2 No.102 "CALLISTO Status Report " No.26, November, 2010
(from Dr. Christian Monstein of Zurich, CH)
Vol. 2 No.103 "Urgent appeal from scientists in Bulgaria." 30 November 2010
( Appeal to sign a petition.)
Vol. 2 No.104 "Talk by Edwin Choque (Peru)"
( at the 1st ISWI Workshop (Helwan University, Egypt).)
Vol. 2 No.105 "ISWI School 28 Oct - 4 Nov, 2010, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia",
(Report by Dr Nat Gopalswamy, NASA).)
Vol. 2 No.106book on "Mobile Science (m-Science)",
(from Abdus Salam International Center of Theoretical Physics (ICTP))
Vol. 2 No.107Announcement from Malaysia: (ICONSPACE -- 12-13 July 2011),
Vol. 2 No.108Concerning the First ISWI Workshop: (Special issue of Sun and Geosphere),
Vol. 2 No.109Announcement from China: ("2011 Workshop on the International Space Weather Meridian Circle Project" (ISWMCP)- Feb. 20 - 25, 2011,
"First Announcement"
hide issues from 2010
One hundred ten issues of the Newsletter were published in 2011. See the list
Vol. 3 No.1"Geographical distribution of CALLISTO" , Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.2"Space Weather Research (ISWI) vs. Space Weather Operations." , Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.3"IUGG Melbourne, Australia (28 June - 7 July 2011) Union Session U11." , Yes(3)
Vol. 3 No.4"Sunanda and Santimay Basu Early Career Award in Sun-Earth Systems Science " (an AGU award), Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.5"News from the AGS (African Geospace Society)"
(if you are interested, please join the AGS!),
Vol. 3 No.6"IAU on UNBSSI, on IHY and on ISWI" , No
Vol. 3 No.7"New ISWI features of the SERC web site." , Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.8"Some AWESOME VLF results " (Indian region), Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.9"Transition from IHY to ISWI" (an IAU publication, Highlights of Astronomy, August 2009), Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.10"Foreign PhD candidates under Prof. Yumoto" (self intro by Grace, Emad, Huzaimy, Magdi), Yes(4)
Vol. 3 No.11"Provisional Agenda." (48th Session of STSC of UNCOPUOUS Vienna, February 7-18 2011), Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.12"SEVAN Network expanding to India Jawaharlal Nehru University"
(YerPhI Press releases Wednesday, 26 January 2011),
Vol. 3 No.13"Universal Heliophysical Processes", by Dr Nat Gopalswamy of NASA
(chapter from IAGA Special Sopron Book Series Volume 4, 2011 ),
Vol. 3 No.14"Reports on national and regional activities related to ISWI", (UNCOPUOUS ), Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.15(1) Reminder for AGU Basu Award, and
(2) "EE Index of SERC of Kyushu University".,
Vol. 3 No.16The ISWI Instrument Array Map. of the ISWI website Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.17Public Out Reach at SERC on 30 January 2011. (explaining our work to the general public) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.18Reminder regarding SUN AND GEOSPHERE . (special ISWI Workshop edition) No
Vol. 3 No.19Resource links for the AWESOME Project. (message from Dr Ben Cotts) No
Vol. 3 No.20Summary of Deliberations of ISWI Steering Committee Meeting . (Feb 2011 at Vienna) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.21ISWI Steering Committee meeting notes.. (Feb 2011 at Vienna)
received by Editor from Dr Hans Haubold on 28 Feb 2011
Vol. 3 No.22Results from ASEC and SEVAN worldwide network.
major solar event around 15 Feb 2011
Vol. 3 No.23Deadline extensions for (1) SUN AND GEOSPHERE special issue and (2) MALAYSIA'S ICONSPACE conference.Yes(3)
Vol. 3 No.24School on GPS, SIG and new Technologies, Kinshasa, 11-24 September 2011 (GIRGEA) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.25Master TOC of ISWI Newsletter, ( as of 6 March 2011 ) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.26A Report on the 2010 ISWI Summer School, (28 Oct -- 4 Nov 2010, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.27news item on e-CALLISTO network, (Nature, Feb 2011 ) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.282011 ISWI-Europe Summer School in Space Science, Aug 21-28, 2011 (Slovakia) No
Vol. 3 No.29Opening Ceremony of SERC/Sub Center at Manila Observatory, 8 March 2011 Manila, Philippines Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.30Philippines and the IGYYes(2)
Vol. 3 No.31SCHOOL ON SPACE WEATHER, Rabat Maroco, December 5-16, 2011
(French ISWI National Committee)
Vol. 3 No.32National Meeting on Solar Dynamical Processes as Drivers of Space Weather, Bangalore, India, 25 March 2011 Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.33"Astrophysics noise: A Space Weather Signal", EOS, V.91, Number 24, 15 June 2010 Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.34"Space Weather IMPACTS in 2013", seminar at KASI, Korea, 16-18 March 2011. (Program Brochure) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.35"Royal Academy of Engineering: Global Navigation Systems Report", (48 pages) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.36"Space Weather IMPACTS in 2013", seminar at KASI, Korea, 16-18 March 2011.
(Poster on display at the United Nations in Vienna)
Vol. 3 No.37"CALLISTO status report #27", Zürich (30 March 2011) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.38"IAU Commission 46 (Astro. Edu. And Dev.)", Newsletter 74 - March 2011. 24 pages Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.39"ISS, small satellites, and space weather", paper by Swenson, et al. Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.40"IGRGEA Letter No. 46 - Apr 2011", (from Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier of France) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.41"India joins international group to study the sun", (from Livemint 29 March 2011) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.42"COSPAR Meeting reports:", (1) 2010 ISWI School in Ethiopia, and (2) 2010 ISWI Workshop in Egypt Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.43"Solar Activity in 1993-2003", new book from Kyoto University Press Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.44"some UNBSSI program results", from Dr Christine Amory of France Yes(4)
Vol. 3 No.45"Announcements for: ", (1) IHY/ISWI posters and (2) new issue of Sun and Geosphere Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.46"Announcement for:", the two websites of "UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI" NO
Vol. 3 No.47"Reminder", for the Key Dates of "UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI" NO
Vol. 3 No.48"ISWI - Germany", (website link) NO
Vol. 3 No.49"CALLISTO status report #28", (Zürich, 5/12/2011) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.50"PI's of ISWI Instrument Arrays",
(request for corrections in array data addresses, contact nos., etc.)
Vol. 3 No.51"Reminder", for UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.52"Search for cooperation in research", (and two papers) Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.53"ISWI website", ( / Projects / ISWI Space Science Training. 23 May 2011.) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.54"Reminder of Dead Line for Travel Fund Grants for UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI", Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.55"ISWI Instrument Arrays Around the World ", Map (in three formats: 1 / PDF low resolution; 2 / PDF high resolution (600dpi)(335kb); 3 / JPEG (300dpi) (776kb); 4 / JPEG (600dpi) (6.3 Mb);) Yes(4)
Vol. 3 No.56"CALLISTO status report No29", Zurich (17 June 2011) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.57"Capacity Building program within the MAGDAS Project", Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.58"a great "The New York Times" article on space weather", (16 June 2011, Daniel Baker) No
Vol. 3 No.59"Reminder of Registration Deadline for UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI", No
Vol. 3 No.60"Archive for CRD (Cosmic Ray Division) press releases", Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.61"Deadline (registration and abstract submission) extended for UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI ", Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.62"Preliminary Scientific Program", 2011 ISWI-Europe Summer School in Space Science August 21-27, 2011, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.63"Two UN reports: ", UAE and Cairo shows the progress that ISWI is making. Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.64(1) R. P. Kane Bartel diagrams for CME occurrence frequency, sunspot numbers and 2800 MHz solar radio emission flux during 2007 IJRSP, V.40, pp 121-123
(2) ISWI-Magnetometer (Prof. Yumoto of Japan) is included in the NASA experiment
Vol. 3 No.65 2011 Space Weather Summer Camp (Huntsville and Germany)Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.66 The SIMONE Project of Germany (short item in English and long item in German)Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.67 Two good examples of national ISWI websites (Japan and Germany)No
Vol. 3 No.68 New three good national ISWI websites (Slovakia, Indonesia and Belgium)No
Vol. 3 No.69 Preliminary announcement: ISWI School (in the Asia Pacific Region, Bandung, Indonesia)No
Vol. 3 No.70 Preliminary announcement on the UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI (from Prof. Lopez)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.71 IAU Report (Information Bulletin 108, of July 2011)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.72 Message from the new president of SCOSTEP (Dr. Nat Gopalswamy, GSFC NASA)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.73 Three new MAGDAS installations ( Canberra (Australia), Ica (Peru), and Khovd (Mongolia))Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.74 Final reminder of registration Deadline ( for UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI )No
Vol. 3 No.75 MAGDAS II installation at Ica, Peru (a brief report with photos)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.76 2011 International Workshop on Space Weather in Indonesia (Announcement)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.77Announcement concerning the successful implementation of MAGDAS School in Nigeria. Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.78CALLISTO status report #30 , Zurich (30 August 2011) and related PosterYes(2)
Vol. 3 No.79List of all MAGDAS Stations , July 26, 2011 and related Improvement of station in MongoliaYes(2)
Vol. 3 No.80Report on 2011 ISWI-Europe Summer School in Space Science,
21-27 August 2011, AI of SAS, Slovakia.
Vol. 3 No.81IGRGEA Letter No. 47 - September 2011 (from Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier of France)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.82MAGDAS School Report, (15-20 August 2011, Redeemer's University, near Lagos, Nigeria) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.83Report on the UN/NASA/JAXA Workshop on the ISWI
(Cairo, 6-10 November 2010) in 6 languages
Vol. 3 No.84Abuja Workshop: Change of Venue (notification)No
Vol. 3 No.85Important Notice from LOC. of UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWIYes(1)
Vol. 3 No.86Alternative hotels for UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI. (Abuja)No
Vol. 3 No.87Announcement: Solar Radio Workshop Pune University, India, 23-25 November 2011Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.88Two press releases from YerPhI (#42 and #44)Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.89Program for "UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI" at Abuja, (issued by the ISOC)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.90(1) Program for "UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI" at Abuja, (updated)
(2) MAGDAS Session Schedule (during this workshop)
(3) ISWI Summer Camp Report (USA/Germany) report
Vol. 3 No.91Report on "School on Space Weather" (Kinshasa 11 to 24 September 2011).
From Dr Christine Amory.
Vol. 3 No.92(1) ISWI Science Program Announcement, and
(2) UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI: Group Photo of Participants.
Vol. 3 No.93(1) Overview of "UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI", by Dr Rabiu.
Presented on Day 1 of the workshop.
(2) CALLISTO Status Report #31
(3) Conference announcement from Nigerian Union of Radio Sciences
Vol. 3 No.94(1) Presentation to Second UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI, by Dr Lopez.
Presented on last day
(2) Low-frequency Solar Radio Bursts Webinar presentation by Nat Gopalswamy
Vol. 3 No.95Photo collage of UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI (created by G.Maeda on 28 Oct 2011) Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.96Hans J. Haubold, Sharafat Gadimova Progress in basic space science education and research: The UNBSSI Space Policy V.26 pp.61-63, 2010 Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.97Announcement Third UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI Poster sent by Prof. Lopez Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.98Hans Haubold A very brief summary of UNBSSI (1991-2012) Presentation by Prof. Haubold and Appeal for debate Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.99S. Gadimova, H.J. Haubold et al. United Nations Basic Space Science Initiative: 2010 Status Report on the International Space Weather Initiative Sun and Geosphere, 2011, Vol.6, No1, pp.3-12 Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.100poster for the recent workshop in Abuja Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.101Abuja ISWI Resolution Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.102Achievements of ARCSSTE-E (by J. O. Akinyede, Executive Director of ARCSSTE-E). Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.103PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT for the Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of SERC (set for 14 March 2012 in Fukuoka, Japan)Yes(2)
Vol. 3 No.104CALLISTO status report #32 Zurich (8 Dec 2011)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.105WMO is getting involved in space weather activitiesNo
Vol. 3 No.106Los Alamos Space Weather Summer School announcement Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.107Textbook series on "Heliophysics" announcement by Dr Nat GopalswamyYes(1)
Vol. 3 No.108CALLISTO status report #33 Zurich (21 Dec 2011)Yes(1)
Vol. 3 No.109Announcement from the Chief Editor of Sun & Geosphere concerning papers of UN/Egypt Workshop on ISWIYes(1)
Vol. 3 No.110First newsletter of Space Weather Club (Japan Space Weather Association)Yes(2)
hide issues from 2011
Hundred thirty-one issues of the Newsletter were published in 2012. See the list
Vol. 4 No.1"Final report on the ISWI/MAGDAS School" , Yes(3)
Vol. 4 No.2"Assorted New Year Greeting Cards" , Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.3announcement "8th Post Graduate Course in Space and Atmospheric Science " , August 1, 2012 to April 30, 2012, Ahmedabad, IndiaYes(2)
Vol. 4 No.4Report on "3rd International VLF/AWESOME Workshop" , (Goa, India).Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.563rd International Astronautical Congress, session "Effects of Space Weather on GEO Satellites" , from 1 to 5 October 2012 in Naples, Italy,NO
Vol. 4 No.6HAYABUSA the first man-made satellite to get a sample from an asteroid.,
May 9, 2003 to June 13, 2010 with link to WikipediA
Vol. 4 No.7Report on SCHOOL ON SPACE WEATHER Rabat, Morocco, 5-16 December, 2011 (from Christine Amory-Mazaudier)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.8Call for Proposals 2012 for International Teams in Space and Earth Sciences Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.9Profile of CBSS (Center for Basic Space Science) Nsukka, Nigeria Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.10(1) Call for Papers, "Space Weather and Challenges for Modern Society", and
(2) update on "Morocco School Report" (originally sent out in Vol 4, Number 7).
Vol. 4 No.11(1) Global ISWI instrument deployment map -- at ISWI website -- recently updated.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.12(1) Announcement for International Conference on Radiation Belts and Space Weather May 29-June 1, 2012, Daejeon, KoreaYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.13Three ISWI/COPUOS-related documents from the United Nations; including Agenda for ISWI Steering Committee Meeting Vienna -- 14-15 Feb 2012Yes(3)
Vol. 4 No.14UCAR website on Heliophysics. NASA's Living With a Star Program. No
Vol. 4 No.15First page of How Do Coronal Hole Storms Affect the Upper Atmosphere? (Eos, 21 Feb 2012) Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.16Forward the (1) CSSTEAP Newsletter; (2) announcement of the 2012 SERC School; (3) announcement for web-page of RBSP conference; (4) new paper in arXivYes(3)
Vol. 4 No.17IGRGEA LETTER No48 February 2012 (from Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier of France)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.18announcement for International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISSTP) November 6 - 9 2012; Pune, India No
Vol. 4 No.19The Abuja ISWI Resolution, Space Policy Vol.28, Iss.1 (February 2012) pp.70 Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.20(1) Videos on ISWI Summer School Slovakia, and
(2) announcement 7th IAGA/ICMA/CAWSES Workshop in Argentina
Vol. 4 No.21Sample of videos available at ISWI website (Abuja NASA videos and video of Newsletter V4, N20).Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.222012 ISWI Steering Committee Meeting (Photo collage by G. Maeda).Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.232012 ISWI Steering Committee Meeting (Presentations by Davila/Gopalswamy and Amory).Yes(3)
Vol. 4 No.242012 ISWI Steering Committee Meeting (Meeting report and Full report: UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI).Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.252012 ISWI Steering Committee Meeting (1) SEVAN Network, update report, and (2) photos of people.Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.26solar event of 8 March 2012 as presented at
Vol. 4 No.27 CALLISTO status report #34 Zurich, March 2012,.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.28 Instruments of ISWI deployment maps (16 JPG files in a ZIP file) .Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.29Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems Riga, Latvia 14–18 May 2012 INFORMATION NOTE and APPLICATION FORM .Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.30ustream broadcast of talks by Dr Doi and Dr Haubold during SERC's 10th Anniv. CelebrationNo
Vol. 4 No.317th IAGA/ICMA/CAWSES Workshop ( in Argentina, 11-14 Sept 2012) First Circular. Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.32SCOSTEP Campaign SOMCOSE has been initiated. No
Vol. 4 No.33Advances in Space Weather Research in Africa 2-day mini conference in Nigeria from A.B. RabiuYes(2)
Vol. 4 No.34establishment of an International Center for Space Weather Science and Education (ICSWSE)Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.35in memory of Raghaviyengar (Sardi) Parthasarathy 1929 - 2012; IHY Gold Club member No
Vol. 4 No.36Announcement from "International Conference on Radiation Belts and Space Weather" about abstract deadline.Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.37V. Pilipenko, V. Belakhovsky, A. Kozlovsky, E. Fedorov, K. Kauristie Determination of the wave mode contribution into the ULF pulsations from combined radar and magnetometer data: Method of apparent impedance JASTP 77 (2012) 85-95Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.38Photo Report on the MAGDAS work at Bac Lieu, Vietnam, in March of 2012. Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.39(1) CAWSES-II Space Weather Database;
(2) Improving understanding of geomagnetic substorms
Vol. 4 No.40CMS Newsletter Vol 15 Number 1, 2012Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.41Mysteries of the Sun a superb website maintained by NASANo
Vol. 4 No.42TIEMS Conf. on Space Weather & Challenges for Modern Society Oslo, Norway 22-24 Oct 2012No
Vol. 4 No.43G. Fissore and F. Belliardo Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition to the Treatment of SID Monitor Data, Radio Astronomy, March–April 2012, pp.29-39Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.44English summary of new book by French geophysicist Christine Amory; introduction to GIRGEA.Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.45North-South reversal of sun's magnetic field (article from Yomiuri and web news from NASA)Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.46C.T.More, A.K.Sharma, R.V.Bhonsle, K.J.W. Lynn Field Strength Measurement of VLF Radio Wave Propagation at 19.8 kHz between Australia and IndiaYes(2)
Vol. 4 No.47Abstract dead line extension for EWASS 2012.No
Vol. 4 No.48Photo Report for MAGDAS work done at Jayapura and Biak (Indonesia)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.49Armenia invited to join SCOSTEP during 2012 ISWI Steering Comm Meeting in ViennaYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.50Advancing Space Weather Services through International Coordination by Terrance OnsagerYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.51ISWI and MAGDAS School on Space Science (call for participation by instrument PIs)No
Vol. 4 No.52Announcement for AGU Chapman Conference, March 10 - 15, 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland. No
Vol. 4 No.53CALLISTO status report #35 Zurich (May 2012)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.54Update to the previous CALLISTO status report #35 Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.55UN reports for the ISWI workshops that took place in Cairo (2010) and Abuja (2011)Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.56First Announcement for UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWIYes(2)
Vol. 4 No.57Press Release on "UN-affiliated Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education opens in Western Asia" (UNIS Vienna)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.58RBSP 2012 - Part 1: Photo collage and the Final Program for this conference Yes(3)
Vol. 4 No.59Poster for UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI; and message from Prof. Lopez, the organizer.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.602nd Announcement: 4th International HEPPA Workshop in conjunction with SPARC/SOLARIS, 9-12 Oct 2012Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.61Corrections to (1)the poster for UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI and to (2) the collage of RBSP conference. Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.62Report on "UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI" in the six official languages of the United Nations.Yes(6)
Vol. 4 No.63Message from UNOOSA regarding GNSS and UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI. Yes(3)
Vol. 4 No.64ANNOUNCMENT International AGU Chapman Conference; 12-16 November 2012, Addis Ababa, EthiopiaNo
Vol. 4 No.65Announcement for new Graz Symposium series; Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.66Presentation at COPUOS (June2012): "Establishment of ICSWSE", by Prof. Hada of Kyushu Univ Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.672012 Schedule: Heliophysics Summer School ( web site guidance ) No
Vol. 4 No.68Logo Contest for ICSWSE First Announcement.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.69Voyager-I has reached the edge of the Solar System, and is sending data on the heliosheath. Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.70Various deadline reminders. No
Vol. 4 No.71(1) COSPAR Awards 2012 Announcement, and (2) 7th IAGA/ICMA/CAWSES Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina Second CircularYes(2)
Vol. 4 No.72Magnetic Observatories in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.73Reminder for UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI..Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.74MAGDAS-9 Installation at Biak, Indonesia.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.75RBSP 2012 - Part 2: 200+ photos of RBSP 2012 conference taken by one participant (G. Maeda)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.76Announcement of the new ICSWSE section of the ISWI website.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.77RBSP 2012 - Part 3: Talk by Dr. D. Sibeck: "Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP): Partnership with Other Missions"Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.78RBSP 2012 - Part 4: Paper by Dr. D. Sibeck: "Opportunities for Cooperation: THEMIS and RBSP"Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.79New space weather award announcement. 10,000 USD Top Prize.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.80Reminder for: Graz Symposium 18 - 21 September 2012, Graz, Austria. No
Vol. 4 No.81Prof. Colin Price ULF/ELF/VLF Network report 2012.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.82RBSP 2012 - Part 5: Thank You Letter from the organizing committee -- and all presentations.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.83AWESOME Installation in Vietnam photo report by Prof. Hoang Thai Lan Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.84Announcement: International School on Atmosphere-Ionosphere Radar - ISAR-NCU-2012 - Taiwan, 12-17 Nov 2012.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.85Announcement from The International Astronomical Union - Division (II): IAU General Assembly to be held in Beijing, China August 20-31, 2012 No
Vol. 4 No.86Shimeis, A., I. Fathy, C. Amory-Mazaudier, R. Fleury, A. M. Mahrous, K. Yumoto, and K. Groves (2012), Signature of the coronal hole near the north crest equatorial anomaly over Egypt during the strong geomagnetic storm 5 April 2010, J. Geophys. Res., 117, A07309, doi:10.1029/2012JA017753Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.87RBSP Mission, Interface Control Document (ICD), Signed and approved for release.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.88Access patterns of the ISWI website by Mitko&ClustrMaps&StatCounter. Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.89Space Weather Societal Impacts Workshop and Seminar at the COPUOSYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.90Screenshot of The Guardian NigeriaYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.91(1) question about magnetometer arrays in Africa, and
(2) reminder on the TIEMS conference in Oslo.
Vol. 4 No.92 reminder on Competition for new logo of ICSWSE.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.93OMTIs of STE Lab of Nagoya University (updated report).Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.94(1) RBSP Mission to be launched on August 23,2012 , and
(2) SuperSID Software updated .
Vol. 4 No.95Science comic book series of STEL .Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.96Outreach example in Japan: Hirameki Science at ICSWSE on 12 August 2012.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.97The First CYRIL ONWUMECHILI School on Physcis of Geomagnetic Phenomena Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria, 24 - 30 JUNE 2012.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.98 from Ms. Heba Ahmed The CALLISTO Station at Helwan University, Egypt 19 August 2012.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.99Logo Contest for ICSWSE Third and Final Announcement. .NO
Vol. 4 No.100ISWI Global Map/Instrument Distribution. ( as of 19 Aug 2012 ).Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.101(1) List of countries that host ISWI instruments, and
(2) Precise location of each instrument. ( as of 19 Aug 2012 ).
Vol. 4 No.102(1) Group Photo: all participants of ISWI and MAGDAS School (Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia)
(2) UN Programme on Space Applications
Vol. 4 No.103(1) 2013 SARA Western Regional Conference
(2) Message from "Sun and Geosphere" (journal)
(3) US-Germany Space Weather Summer Camp Report
Vol. 4 No.104(1) Correction on the website of Sun & Geosphere.
(2) Message from the ISWI Secretariat.
(3) IGRGEA LETTER from Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier.
(4) UN/Austria Symposium on Space Weather.
Vol. 4 No.105(1) Latest CALLISTO status report from Zurich.
(2) Announcement for CAWSES-II Symposium in Nagoya.
(3) Sun-related paper from Dr. Nat Gopalswamy.
Vol. 4 No.106(1) UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI -- photos
(2) MAGDAS installation at Jerusalem, Ecuador -- photos.
Vol. 4 No.107(1) Link for 2012 ISWI and MAGDAS School (for photos and lecture notes)
(2) Some AWESOME developments! (two published papers)
(3) SARA's contributions to Space Weather
Vol. 4 No.108(1) Callisto Status Report #37
(2) Report by IAU Working Group, related to space weather
(3) Nile Rainfall Project by Helwan University, proposal
Vol. 4 No.109Presentation by Prof. E. Lopez at UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.110Photos of the old Quito Observatory (during UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.111Presentation during UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI: "ISWI Science Program", by D. WebbYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.112Nobeyama Radioheliograph recommendation from the participants of UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWIYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.113(1) newspaper articles on UN/Ecuador Workshop (local Quito newspaper, in Spanish)
(2) Web link for Callisto in Glasgow.
Vol. 4 No.114"Catalog of dynamic electromagnetic spectra observed with Callisto", by Christian MonsteinYes(1)
Vol. 4 No.115Final Program for AGU Chapman Conference Ethiopia, 12-16 Nov 2012.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.116Some achievements of UNBSSI (e.g., South Africa WGSSA)Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.117UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI: Presentation files now available at the ISWI website.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.118Conference in Russia: "Space Weather Research with Space and Ground-based Observations" FIRST ANNOUNCEMENTNo
Vol. 4 No.119(1) School Report for "ISWI and MAGDAS School" (West Java, Indonesia)
(2) Revised version of IGRGEA LETTER N049 (Christine Amory's News Letter)
Vol. 4 No.120Societal impacts of space weather, etc.Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.121(1) Logo for ICSWSE (winner of the contest for it)
(2) Group photo, AGU Chapman Conference Ethiopia, Nov 2012, Addis Ababa.
Vol. 4 No.122Three solar-max-related papers by Prof. Kane.Yes(3)
Vol. 4 No.123(1) Space Weather talk by Dr Mahrous at Saitama University.
(2) IAU strategic planning document-2012. 62 pages.
Vol. 4 No.124(1) Reminder for SARA conference in Feb. of 2013.
(2) Article about Possible link between solar activity and biology.
Vol. 4 No.125International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) followers forum, (LinkedIn based)No
Vol. 4 No.126(1) Quito Resolution, preliminary version.
(2) News from Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo (Slovakia).
(3) 2012 ICSWSE Christmas Party
Vol. 4 No.127Research and instrumentation news from Argentina, RAPEAS and AIRES. Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.128(1) Max Goes to the Moon --- educational material
(2) CMS Newsletter Vol. 15, No. 2 (2012)
Vol. 4 No.129Preliminary Announcement for SCOSTEP's STP13 in Xian, China, in 2014.Yes(1)
Vol. 4 No.130AGU Chapman Conference Ethiopia: Two photo collages by G. Maeda (total of 96 photos).Yes(2)
Vol. 4 No.131Obituary on Professor Masatoshi Kitamura -- major contributor to UNBSSYes(2)
hide issues from 2012
One hundred twenty-six issues of the Newsletter were published in 2013 See the list
Vol.5 No. 1UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI: 2 new collages (workshop collage and field trip collage)Yes(2)
Vol.5 No. 2Invitation from the ISWI CALLISTO ProjectYes(1)
Vol.5 No. 3United Nations/Croatia Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite SystemsYes(4)
Vol.5 No. 4(1) How to view presentation files of UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI, and
(2) Summary Report of ISWI Website and ISWI Newsletter.
Vol.5 No. 5Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, Fiftieth session, Vienna, 11-22 February 2013 PROVISIONAL AGENDAYes(1)
Vol.5 No. 6Call for Manuscripts -- UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI No
Vol.5 No. 7United Nations (COPUOS) Report on 2012 UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWIYes(1)
Vol.5 No. 8(1) Erratum on Vol. 5, Number 6
(2) Workshop Report for ISSTP (India, 2012)
(3) Latest SCOSTEP Newsletter
Vol.5 No. 9Callisto Status Report #37 (Type II burst observed by at least 15 stations)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.10Los Alamos Space Weather Summer School, June 3 - July 26, 2013 (flyer pdf)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.11RBSP mission renamed to Van Allen Probes missionYes(1)
Vol.5 No.12Current list of ISWI publications (this list is maintained at the ISWI website)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.13IconSpace 2013 in Malaysia Last call for papers.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.14MiniMax24 an announcement from the President of SCOSTEPYes(1)
Vol.5 No.15Final organizer's report for UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.16(1) Final Report for last year's Graz Symposium
(2) Brochure for IconSpace2013 in Malaysia
(3) Sample of space-weather reporting in Japan.
Vol.5 No.17Wimpy solar max? article by Dr Nat Gopalswamy, published by IAU in 2012.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.18Conference in Russia: Space Weather Research with Space and Ground-based Observations 2nd ANNOUNCEMENT No
Vol.5 No.19Some photos from the 50th session of STSC of COPUOS, Vienna.Yes(3)
Vol.5 No.21(1) 2013 International CAWSES-II Symposium in Nagoya, Japan.
(2) Summary report of 2013 SARA Western Conference
(3) Various new ICG and GNSS related reports
Vol.5 No.22(1) ICTP PowerPoint intro
(2) Presentation files, all of them, 50th STSC of COPUOS
(3) Two job openings in Brazil
Vol.5 No.23(1) e-Callisto status report #38, and (2) a report on Extreme Space Weather.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.24(1) Workshop Low Latitude Ionospheric Research (Italy)
(2) Presentation Results of GEO and HEO monitoring by ISON network in 2012 (Russia)
Vol.5 No.25(1) Press Release by UN on asteroid threats to Earth
(2) 2012 UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI, Proceedings. -- deadline extended
Vol.5 No.26(1) Advancements under IHY and ISWI presentation by Dr Christine Amory at AGU Chapman Conference Ethiopia, and
(2) The first ISWI school at Maghreb brochure.
Vol.5 No.27Professor Dr. Donat G. WentzelYes(2)
Vol.5 No.28Report on Space Weather and Space-based Technologies in Nigeria, early 2013. Organized by Prof. Babatunde Rabiu, ISWI Coordinator for Nigeria. Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.29Second announcement *IAU Symposium 300* "Nature of solar prominences and their role in Space Weather" 10-14 June 2013 in Paris (France) Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.30The International Space Weather Initiative talk by J.Davila during COPUOS Feb 2013 at Vienna.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.31(1) Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate. New Open Access Journal
(2) UN Braces for Stormy Space Weather.
Vol.5 No.32CNN reports on Van Allen Space Probes, and 3rd radiation beltYes(1)
Vol.5 No.33Post doc opportunity at SANSA (South African National Space Agency); based in Hermanus.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.34Sharafat Gadimova International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems and its Programme on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite SystemsYes(1)
Vol.5 No.35ISWI National Coordinators Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.36e-Callisto Status Report #39 (Roswell comes on line and global coverage becomes 100%)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.37SCOSTEP pamphlet - 4-page version of 2012Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.38(1) Scientific highlights of UNBSSI (BSS IHY ISWI)
(2) MAGDAS installation at Sabah, Malaysia
Vol.5 No.39(1) e-Callisto Status Report #40
(2) Essay: "We Must Create a Worldwide Network", by the President of the Max Planck Society
Vol.5 No.40ISYA 2013 in Indonesia ( International School for Young Astronomers )No
Vol.5 No.41Europe readies for solar storm risks (April 3, 2013 by Mariette Le Roux)No
Vol.5 No.42Space weather news from Morocco (GPS stations, education program, etc.)Yes(3)
Vol.5 No.43Three publications in Space Research Today (former COSPAR Bulletin) Vol.186
1. Celebrating 10 Years of International Living with a Star (ILWS)
2. The UN Braces for Stormy Space Weather
3. 50th Session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Vienna, Austria, 11-22 February 2013
Vol.5 No.44NSO Workshop #27 "Fifty Years of Seismology of the Sun and Stars".Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.45Space weather alert for e-Callisto Network (11 April 2013)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.46Message from ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics) concerning free modeling tools.No
Vol.5 No.47Sunanda and Santimay Basu Early Career Award (Deadline = May 15, 2013)No
Vol.5 No.48Presentation at Legal Subcommittee of COPUOS April 2013 - by Japanese delegation, on Space Law Capacity BuildingNo
Vol.5 No.49Paper on how geomagnetic activity affects the electric power grid in the United States.No
Vol.5 No.50SuperDARN stuff. No
Vol.5 No.51(1) Three years of SDO in three minutes (video), and
(2) some reminders of approaching dead lines
Vol.5 No.52Space Weather Boot Camp at Goddard Space Flight Center, summer of 2013.No
Vol.5 No.53"Space Weather Observing Systems: Current Capabilities and Requirements for the Next Decade" (from U.S. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy) Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.542013 Joint Space Weather Summer Camp - Germany and HuntsvilleYes(1)
Vol.5 No.55High-Energy Astrophysics: An Advanced School for Asian Astronomers (by COSPAR, in China, this Sept)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.56(1) UN/Austria Symposium on Space Weather (Graz, Austria, 2013)
(2) AGU Joint Prize for Space Weather and : Nonlinear Waves and Processes Prize
Vol.5 No.57Sunanda and Santimay Basu Early Career Award (Deadline extended to May 25, 2013)No
Vol.5 No.58Journal of Advanced Research; Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 205-320 (May 2013) Special Issue on ""Heliospheric Physics during and after a deep solar minimum"". Selected papers from the IAGA-III International Symposium, Luxor, Egypt, 13 - 17 November 2011 Edited by Luc Damé and Ahmed A. Hady No
Vol.5 No.59New CALLISTO set into operation in Roztoky, East-SlovakiaYes(1)
Vol.5 No.60The information concerning ISWI instrument deployment was up-dated.No
Vol.5 No.61The AAL-PIP Project (for interhemispheric geomagnetic field investigations)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.62(1) Basic Space Science Initiative 1991 - 2012 ----------- Request for Comments
(2) the latest GIRGEA newsletter (No. 50)
Vol.5 No.63World Space Observatory / Ultraviolet (WSO/UV) - space projectYes(1)
Vol.5 No.64SCOSTEP Newsletter 5 - April 2013.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.65News concerning the PI of the MAGDAS Project Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.66(1) 2013 ISWI/MAGDAS School in Africa -- First Circular
(2) Application of the SID monitor-- high school science project
(3) Report by Dr Christine Amory on space research in Africa, 2007-2012
Vol.5 No.67Solar Eruptive Events, Physics Today, April, 2012. Written by Gordon Holman of GSFC. Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.68JAXA International Top Young Fellowship in FY2013No
Vol.5 No.69M. Guhathakurta, J. M. Davila, and Nat Gopalswamy The International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.70Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, 56 session, Vienna, 12-21 June 2013 Basic Space Science Initiative 1991-2012 Note by the SecretariatYes(1)
Vol.5 No.71SID-related news from Malaysia (2 papers by Prof Mardina Abdullah, of UKM in Malaysia)Yes(3)
Vol.5 No.72FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: 2013 ISWI/SCOSTEP School on Space Science (Nairobi, Kenya)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.73REPORT: 1st SCHOOL OF SPACE WEATHER, MAGHREB EIM 2013, Algeria,6 -16 May 2013Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.74reminder: 2013 ISWI/SCOSTEP School on Space Science (Nairobi, Kenya)No
Vol.5 No.75AGU 2013 Fall Mtg: Session SH014. Solar Energetic Particles During the Weak Solar Cycle 24Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.76When space weather attacks! From Washington Post on 13 July 2013. General article on SW hazards.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.77article The Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) on RBSP; SpringerYes(1)
Vol.5 No.782013 AOGS Meeting in Brisbane: Election results, some photos of the meeting, and statistics of 2012 Mtg Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.79Paper about TROPOSPHERE THERMODYNAMICS AND KINEMATICS, by Mbane Biouele CesarYes(1)
Vol.5 No.80(1) Mechanics of the Magnetospheric System and Effects on the Polar Regions (call for conference in Chile)
(2) IconSpace2013 (photos from conference in Malaysia)
Vol.5 No.81e-CALLISTO Status Report #43Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.82"EL COMERCIO" Quito newspaper article on 2012 UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWIYes(1)
Vol.5 No.83Installation of GEON hardware at the Kuju MAGDAS Station of Kyushu University.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.84Major Press Release from AGS (African Geophysical Society) -- includes URL for the AGS website.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.85Article about African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in English (ARCSSTE-E)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.86UNBSSI and 2013 Graz Symposium (blog post)No
Vol.5 No.87The 6th Islamic Astronomical Conference Astronomy, Jordan, 24-27 September 2013 (in Arabic) (The English translation is here)Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.88Superb website on space weather and heliophysics -- now has ISWI materialYes(1)
Vol.5 No.89The 6th Islamic Astronomical Conference Astronomy, Jordan, 24-27 September 2013 (in English) Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.90The ISWI Website Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.91James Head and the AAAS Fellowship at the United States State DepartmentYes(1)
Vol.5 No.92[1] Space Weather Exhibition of 2013 COPUOS
[2] Solar magnetic reconnection seen in detail (article from "Physics Today")
Vol.5 No.93[1] ICG webpage has been updated
[2] Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Their Applications
[3] CALL FOR PAPERS: 2014 SARA Western Regional Conference
Vol.5 No.94United Nations/Indonesia International Conference on Integrated Space Technology Applications to Climate Change, 2-4 September 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia. Hosted by LAPAN. Attached: Presentation by Fr. Daniel McNamara of Manial Observatory.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.95The Wall of Peace. Presentation by France scheduled for 2013 Graz SymposiumYes(1)
Vol.5 No.96FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: International Chapman Conference on Low-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas, Jeju Island, South Korea, September 1-5, 2014Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.97[1] First man-made object to exit the Solar System -- Voyager 1 of NASA.
[2] Hinode 7 Science Meeting.
[3] Hinode Science Center at NAOJ, Japan.
Vol.5 No.98Call for nominations, 3 achievement award medals, during 10th European Space Weather Week.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.99[1] ISWI activity in Tunisia
[2] CALLISTO Status Report 44.
Vol.5 No.100ISWI activities of GermanyYes(1)
Vol.5 No.101Dr Joe Davila's Letter of Resignation as Director of ISWI.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.102[1] The ISWI Newsletter is closed for a while
[2] Special session on solar bursts during ESWW10
Vol.5 No.103[1] Info on the just-concluded 2013 Graz Symposium
[2] Announcement for Phd positions in Germany
[3] The Inner Heliosphere at Fifty
Vol.5 No.104[1] New Solar Physics Division in Ecuador
[2] First MAGDAS Equipment in Ecuador
Vol.5 No.105e-Callisto Status Report #43Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.106Conference proceedings;
[1] International round-table on Extreme space weather: Geomagnetic storms, GNSS disruptions and the impact on vital functions in society.Stockholm, 5-6 September 2012.
[2] Report of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee on its fiftieth session, held in Vienna from 11 to 22 February 2013.
[3] Report of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Fifty-sixth session, 12-21 June 2013.
Vol.5 No.107[1] 2013 MAGDAS/ISWI School in Africa photo collage (48 photos)
[2] Leiden Observatory 2013 PhD call
Vol.5 No.1081st announcement for IAU Symposium 313 -- Sept 2014, in Ecuador.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.109IAU Commission 46 --- Newsletter 78 Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.110Report: Does Space Weather Matter to Astrobiology? The International Space Weather Initiative Author: Hans J Haubold. Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Nations, Vienna.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.111[1] News on UNBSSI and ISWI in the newsletter of History of Science Society
[2] Winter Internship for Solar Physics at Hida Observatory of Kyoto Univ., Japan.
Vol.5 No.112"[1] "Expert Meeting on Improving Space Weather Forecasting in the Next Decade" from J. Davila
[2] 14-page illustrated report on a special space weather outreach event in west Africa; by G. Maeda
Vol.5 No.113Expert Meeting on Improving Space Weather Forecasting in the Next Decade re-sent as plain text.No
Vol.5 No.1142013 Graz presentations are now available at ISWI website.No
Vol.5 No.115[1] Oct-2013 Outreach Newsletter of IAU
[2] More on Graz presentations
[3] ISWI Newsletter will be closed for about 2 wks
Vol.5 No.116Several academic positions available from ReSoLVE of the Academy of Finland.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.117(Draft) Report on the United Nations/Austria Symposium on Space Weather Data, Instruments and Models: Looking Beyond the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) Graz, Austria, 16-18 September 2013Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.118[1] Session proposals for 2014 AOGS, deadline announcement
[2] What's new at the ISWI website
[3] Undergrad training course at CMSS, India -- set for December of 2013.
Vol.5 No.119Summary of the installation of the RENOIR experiment at Oukaimeden Observatory in MoroccoYes(1)
Vol.5 No.120[1] Attending STSC of COPUOS in Feb. of 2014 to deliver a statement regarding space weather research and education in your country
[2] eCallisto Report No. 46
[3] 12th Int'l Conference on Substorms, a year from now, at Ise, Japan.
[4] Calm solar cycle; media news clip.
Vol.5 No.121[1] Recent SCOSTEP-ISWI School in Nairobi, Kenya.
[2] Reminder about UNBSSI-derived centers (in India, in Nigeria, and in Japan)
Vol.5 No.122The collection of IAGA Resolutions; Resolution No. 2 of 2013 concerns international magnetometer arrays.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.123SCOSTEP's 13th Quadrennial Solar-Terrestrial Physics Symposium (STP13), October 12 - 17, 2014, Xian, Shanxi, China; First Announcement and Call For papers.Yes(1)
Vol.5 No.124[1] Prof. Hans Haubold receives award on behalf of ISWI
[2] International IEEE Workshop on "Asia-Pacific Satellite: Navigation And Positioning", Brisbane, Australia, 26 - 28 Feb. 2014
[3] No. 51 DECEMBER 2013 -- IGRGEA LETTER International Geophysical Research Group /Europe-Africa: International Geophysical Research Group /Europe-Asia
[4] Int'l CAWSES-II Symposium (Nagoya, Japan): EPS special issue now open for submission of papers/letters.
Vol.5 No.125The special edition of "Sun and Geosphere" dedicated to UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI is now onlineYes(1)
Vol.5 No.126[1] Graz Symposium (Austria) Report now available in the six languages of the United Nations.
[2] Space Science School in Rwanda.
hide issues from 2013
Forty-eight issues of the Newsletter have been published in 2014. See the list
Vol.6 No. 1[1] Newsletter, Volume 16, Number 2, 2013, Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Science, India.
[2] Wall of Peace displayed during European Space Weather Week 10 in Belgium.
Vol.6 No. 2[1] The latest newsletter from SCOSTEP...and
[2] photos of SCOSTEP General Council Meeting in Nagoya (during Int'l CAWSES-II Symposium) in November of 2013.
Vol.6 No. 3VarSITI Town Hall Meeting during 2013 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.Yes(1)
Vol.6 No. 4The "Economist" on the radiation beltYes(1)
Vol.6 No. 5Pics of CAWSES-II at NagoyaYes(1)
Vol.6 No. 6Press Release for the launch of VarSITI on 13 January 2014. In English and in Nihongo.Yes(2)
Vol.6 No. 7Announcement of Opportunity:
United Nations Human Space Technology Initiative (UN-HSTI) “Zero-Gravity Instrument Project (ZGIP)”
Vol.6 No. 8"VarSITI sessions during
[1] Japan Geoscience Union @ Yokohama
[2] Asia Osceania Geosciences Society @ Hokkaido
Vol.6 No. 9Grant money available from VarSITI -- dead line for applications is 31 January 2014.Yes(1)
Vol.6 No. 10MAGDAS Training at ICSWSE; 21-24 January 2014; Capacity Building for Africa by Japan.Yes(1)
Vol.6 No. 1111th SERB School on Matrix Methods & Fractional Calculus (28 April 2014 to 23 May 2014) in India. Yes(2)
Vol.6 No. 1222nd, 23rd Undergraduate Mathematics Training Camps of CMSS, in India.Yes(1)
Vol.6 No. 13Capacity Building at ICSWSE (Iku Sei) of Kyushu University, Japan.Yes(2)
Vol.6 No. 14Workshop: "Solar influences on the magnetosphere,ionosphere and atmosphere"
(June 2014, Bulgaria)
Vol.6 No. 15"Expert Meeting on Improving Space Weather Forecasting in the Next Decade" - to be held at the United Nations Office at Vienna on the margins of the 51st Session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS)Yes(2)
Vol.6 No. 16[1] Brief reports written by MAGDAS Trainees (for training done at ICSWSE, 21-24 Jan 2014)
[2] SPeCIMEN relevent sessions on Radiation Belt Physics at the upcoming URSI Conference (August 2014)
Vol.6 No. 172014 AOGS Meeting in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
Session ST06: Solar activity, Space Weather and Space Climate
Vol.6 No. 18Space Science school, Kigali, Rwanda from 30 June ‑ 11 July 2014.No
Vol.6 No. 20* 500th issue of the ISWI Newsletter
* Announcement from African Geophysical Society (AGS)
* The 12th International Conference on Substorms (ICS-12)
Vol.6 No. 21[1] Recent Space Weather Expert Meeting in Vienna (link for viewing all presentations)
[2] The web link for ICS-12.
Vol.6 No. 22(1) "Expert Meeting on Improving Space Weather Forecasting in the Next Decade" Meeting Summary
(2) Random photos from "Expert Meeting on Improving Space Weather Forecasting in the Next Decade"
Vol.6 No. 23[1] Slightly revised Meeting Summary of "Expert Meeting on Improving Space Weather Forecasting in the Next Decade" ; 10 - 11 February 2014, United Nations, Vienna, Austria.
[2] Press Release from the UN -Scientific and Technical Subcommittee (STSC) concludes its 51st session in Vienna, advances discussion on the long-term sustainability of outer space activities
Vol.6 No. 245th International H E P P A (High Energy Particle Precipitation in the Atmosphere) Meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany, 5-9 May 2014. No
Vol.6 No. 25[1] Solar-terrestrial physics in Siberia: Introduction to IKFIA research center
[2] Working Group on the Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities -- what is it?
[3] CALLISTO status report/news letter #48
Vol.6 No. 26International Chapman Conference on Low-frequency Waves in Space Plasmas;
Aug 31-Sept 5, 2014; Jeju Island, South Korea
Vol.6 No. 27Want to be part of ISWI’s SID Space Weather Monitor Program? by Deborah Scherrer, Stanford University, March 2014. Special report for the ISWI Newsletter.Yes(1)
Vol.6 No. 28Blog Report "Magnetometer installations by the AMBER Project in (1) Cote d'Ivoire and (2) Guinea (summer of 2013)." by Dr. Endawoke YizengawYes(1)
Vol.6 No. 293rd Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop; Pasadena, California, USA; 27-28 May 2014; iCubeSat.orgYes(1)
Vol.6 No. 30Teaching the Teachers-- Educator Professional Development associated with the ISWI Undergraduate Summer Schools. by Deborah Scherrer, Stanford University, and Rosa Ros, Technical University of Catalan.Yes(1)
Vol.6 No. 31SANSA's recent SuperDARN Installation on the Antarctica (Report of 14 March 2014)Yes(1)
Vol.6 No. 322014 African Geophysical Society Conference, 2nd-6th June 2014, ABUJA, NigeriaYes(1)
Vol.6 No. 33[1] A flair for flares -- How to be part of the space weather monitoring programme, by Deborah Scherrer, Stanford University, USA.
[2] Report on 2nd MAGDAS workshop, 3-4 March 2014, Sabah, Malaysia, by Dr. Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia.
Vol.6 No. 34[1] 2nd Space Weather School for Engineers, 15-17 October 2014
[2] Intellectual Exchange and Innovation Program (IEI Program)
[3] New ISWI Steering Committee
[4] CALLISTO status report/news letter #49
[5] Three Space Weather medals - call for nominations
[7] ISWI welcomes three new instrument arrays
Vol.6 No. 35[1] Geospace Revisited: a Cluster/MAARBLE/Van Allen Probes Conference.
[2] Upcoming meetings related to VarSITI (a SCOSTEP program).
[3] IGRGEA Letter, Number 52, May 2014; from France. [4] "Raising and maintaining awareness of our local space weather: education and public outreach" by UNOOSA at recent EGU.
[5] "African School on Space Science: Related Applications and Awareness for sustainable development of the region", in Rwanda this summer.
[6] "The Space Weather Innovation Competition 2013" in Malaysia.
Vol.6 No. 36[1] Observations of geomagnetically induced currents in the Australian power network (paper).
[2] Reminder: STE Lab / SCOSTEP scientific "manga" series.
[3] Upcoming European Space Weather Week (November, in Belgium).
[4] SCOSTEP's 13th Quadrennial Solar-Terrestrial Physics Symposium (STP13).
[5] 2015 UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather.
[6] Space science training workshop recently held in Sudan.
[7] Endawoke on Scientific Mission (instruments installed in Thailand).
[8] The 12th Int'l Conference on Substorms (ICS-12, Nov. 10-14, 2014, Ise-Shima Royal Hotel, Japan).
[9] School on Space Weather/GNSS-GIS-Intensive computing (10-21 Nov. 2014, Koudougou, Burkina Faso).
Vol.6 No. 37[1] ISEA-14: First Announcement - May 2014
[2] Geospace Revisited: a Cluster/MAARBLE/Van Allen Probes Conference. Third announcement and Call for Papers
[3] Basic Space Technology Initiative (BSTI) Activities in 2013-2014 and plans for 2015 and beyond
[4] 1st Annual Conference of the African Geophysical Society (AGS); 2 - 6 June 2014
[5] CALLISTO status report/news letter #50
[6] 2015 UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather; First Circular.
Vol.6 No. 38[1] United Nations/Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics . Workshop on the Use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems for . Scientific Applications
[2] Three Space Weather medals of the ESWW conference
[3] Earth's magneto-tail investigated as an electrical circuit
[4] Solar Terrestrial Physics papers available online!
[5] Cabling up the interior of Africa for broadband communications
and a supplement
[6] United Nations/Austria Symposium on Space Science and the United Nations Graz, Austria, from 22 to 24 September 2014
Vol.6 No. 39 [1] John L. Remo and Hans J. Haubold. "Threats from space: 20 years of progress", Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,
[2] Two AGU awards go to Africans (from South Africa and from Zambia)
[3] CALLISTO status report/news letter #51
[4] REPORT : SCHOOL ON SPACE WEATHER Marrakech, Morocco 05-10 May 2014
[5] "Working report of expert group C: Space weather Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, Fifty-first session, Vienna, 10-21 February 2014 Long-term sustainability of outer space activities
[6] Forty-eight random photos of 2014 AOGS Sapporo poster
Vol.6 No. 40[1] REPORT on The 2014 AFRICAN GEOPHYSICAL SOCIETY CONFERENCE; 2nd–6th of JUNE, 2014 National Space Research and Development Agency, Abuja, Nigeria,
[2] Abstracts and speaker photos for each talk of AM2 portion of Session ST04-06 (Solar Activity, Space Weather and Space Climate) during recent AOGS at Sapporo, Japan
[3] "Preparing for the next big solar storm", Japan Times, 30 July 2014.
[4] Recent statistics on the visitors to the ISWI Secretariat Website.
[5] CHAIN Project to install FMT (Flare Monitoring Telescope) at second overseas site: Saudi Arabia.
[6] Registration to open soon for 2015 UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather.
[7] Schedule for SCOSTEP/ISWI International School on Space Science; September 15–24, 2014, Lima, Peru.
Vol.6 No. 41 [1] "Quito and the Sun", by Hans J. Haubold, UNOOSA.
[2] "ISWI Workshop in Egypt", by Kazuo Shiokawa.
[3] "CALLISTO status report/newsletter #52", by Christian Monstein.
[4] "United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme on Nano-Satellite Technologies 2015", from W. Balogh.
Vol.6 No. 42[1] AFRICAN SCHOOL ON SPACE SCIENCE: Related Application and Awareness for Sustainable Development of the Region, hosted by the University of Rwanda, 30 June - 11 July 2014.
[2] SCOSTEP Awards for 2014
[3] SCOSTEP/ISWI International School on Space Science, September 15-24, 2014, Lima, Peru.
[4] Online registration for 2015 UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather is now open
[5] Eleventh Canadian Solar Workshop, 17-19 October 2014, Quebec.
Vol.6 No. 43[1] Solar Flare Five-Day Predictions from Quantum Detectors of Dynamical Space Fractal Flow Turbulence: Gravitational Wave Diminution and Earth Climate Cooling (paper)
[2] CALL FOR PAPERS: IconSpace2015. 2015 International Conference on Space Science and Communication, Langkawi Island, Malaysia, 10-12 August 2015.
[3] Geopotensial Terpadu 2014 Medan - Geomagnetic Workshop in Medan.. A brief summary report.
[4] The UN/Austria Symposium on Space Science and the United Nations,. 22-24 September 2014, Graz, Austria. A brief summary report.
Vol.6 No. 44[1] A rare glimpse into the solar core - Physics Today.
[2] Photo of our Sun as a Halloween Greeting from space.
[4] GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) Annual Report, call for Canadian input.
Vol.6 No. 45 [1] Second Announcement for the 14th Internationall Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (ISEA-14), Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, 19–23 October 2015
[2] Status report Callisto #53 and comparison FFT spectrometer vs frequency agile spectrometer Callisto based on one single solar radio burst.
[3] 26th General Assembly of IUGG, Prague, Czech Republic, June 22–July 2, 2015
[4] NOAA event 5260 observed with the new filter bank FFT-spectrometer at Bleien observatory.
[5] General Announcement by Kyushu University's Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES): Doctoral Scholarships for 2015.
Vol.6 No. 46[1] Observation of a type II burst with the e-Callisto network
[2] Report on SCOSTEP/ISWI International School on Space Science (ISSS), at Peru
[4] JGR Special Section of the Causes and Consequences of the Extended Solar Minimum
[5] The 2014 Nobel Prizes in Physics,
[6] the City of Fukuoka
Vol.6 No. 47 [1] Meeting: Space Weather Services to Build Global Resilience; February 3, 2015, Vienna, during the 52nd session of the STSC
[2] The 2nd edition of the Space Weather School in Maghreb; at CRASTE-LF, Rabat, from February 16 to 25, 2015
[3] Gigantic sunspot group observed (article from a Japanese newspaper)
[4] The Permanent Mission of Canada (@Vienna) announces two new expert focus groups
Vol.6 No. 48 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #54.
[2] Recent honors and prizes won by scholars of CMSS, Kerala, India.
[3] Physicist presented new observational SW model at SCOSTEP's 13th Symposium in Xian, China.
[5] Call for Participation: 2015 African Geophysical Society (AGS) Conference 1st-5th June 2015
[6] SuperMAG news, November, 2014.
hide issues from 2014
Nineteen issues of the Newsletter was published in 2015. See the list
Vol.7 No. 1 [1] Abstract deadline for upcoming EGU (April 12-17, 2015, in Vienna, Austria)
[2] Third announcement of ISEA-14 Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, October 19-23, 2015.
[3] Session ST24: 2015 AOGS Annual Meeting August 2-7, 2015, Singapore,
[4] Request for IDL script
[5] Snow in Fukuoka
[6] Holiday greetings from ICSWSE
Vol.7 No. 2 [1] IUGG session A16 - Energetic Particle Precipitation into the Atmosphere.
[2] Reminder for ROSMIC meetings
[3] January 2015 Project Report: "Autonomous Adaptive Low-Power Instrument Platform."
[4] Coimbra Solar Physics Meeting 2015; "Ground-based Solar Observations in the Space Instrumentation Era"
Vol.7 No. 3 [1] 2015 SARA Western Regional Conference, Palo Alto, California, USA, 20–22 March 2015.
[2] 26th General Assembly of IUGG, June 22-July 2, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic
[3] Space Weather Services to Build Global Resilience: 3 Feb. 2015 in Vienna
[4] VarSITI Newsletter, Vol.4, January 2015.
[5] Invitation for talks: AOGS session ST 30 (Singapore, August 2-7, 2015):
[6] UN COPUOS Expert Group on Space Weather - Day 2. Wednesday February 4th, 2015 Vienna.
Vol.7 No. 4 [1] Thesis defense by Amira Abdel Azim Ahmed Ibrahim Shimeis: "Solar Impact on the Ionized Layers at the Crest of the Equatorial Anomaly in the African Longitude Sector of the Northern Hemisphere"; Helwan University, Egypt.
[2] Workshop on "Global Data Activities for the Study of Solar-Terrestrial Variability"
[4] Call for Papers: 2015 Int'l Conference on Space Science and Communication (IconSpace2015); on Langkawi Island, Malaysia, August 2015.
[5] Successful launch of DSCOVR satellite; newspaper article.
[6] "DSCOVR - Deep Space Climate Observatory," pamphlet from NOAA .
[7] Call for abstracts: AOGS session ST 30 (The Strange State of the Heliosphere during the Weak Solar Cycles 24 and its Implications)
[8] ISWI Steering Committee Meeting on 3 Feb 2015, during 2015 STSC; brief notes by Dr Nat Gopalswamy.
[9] Photos of the Space Weather Expert Meetings on 3 and 4 Feb 2015 (side meetings during 2015 STSC COPUOS in Vienna).
Vol.7 No. 5 [1] First Call to the Third Remote Sensing of the Inner Heliosphere and Space Weather Applications Workshop; Morelia, Mexico, 19-23 October 2015
[2] MEETING: 2015 International Workshop on the Interrelationship between Plasma Experiments in the Laboratory and in Space (IPELS2015), 23-28 August 2015
[3] "AGU 2014 Science for Solutions Award", awarded to Dr.Chigomezyo M. Ngwira
[4] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #55
Vol.7 No. 6 [1] International Conference of VarSITI SCOSTEP "Superflares and Activity of the Sun in the Cycle Formation Epoch"
[2] COSPAR Capacity-Building Workshop from November 2-13, 2015, on KMITL Campus, Bangkok, Thailand.
[3] Photos of the SOC dinner March 3, Day 2
[4] ISWI Certificates of Appreciation......March 6, Day 5, Closing Ceremony
[5] Random photos of the Ice Breaker.......March 2, Day 1.
Vol.7 No. 7 [1] A Thesis For the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, by Ibrahim Fathy Abdalghafar Salem
[2] "A Report from the UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather", by Prof. Hans Haubold.
[3] Third Remote Sensing of the Inner Heliosphere and Space Weather Applications Workshop Morelia, Mexico, 19-23 October 2015
[4] Kyushu University website: Summary of "2015 UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather"
[5] Preview of a forthcoming paper: "United Nations Basic Space Science Initiative (UNBSSI) 1991-2012 and Beyond". Call for comments
[6] A Press Release concerning SAVNET, a member of the ISWI instrument arrays
[7] What's new at Website of the UNOOSA -- "2015 UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather."
Vol.7 No. 8 [1] SCOSTEP-WDS Workshop (2nd Circular)
[2] The SCOSTEP Visiting Scholar (SVS) program.
[3] 2015 African Geophysical Society Conference 1st–5th June 2015, NAIROBI, Kenya.
[4] Sun Temple and Heliophysics at Amvalkheda, India.
[5] Workshop on "Science from an Operational Mission": An L5 Consortium Meeting.
[6] University of Alberta is seeking candidates for two postdoctoral fellowships
[2] UNINOVA-CA3 group at New University of Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal.
[4] The International Space Environment Service (ISES)
[6] Call for abstracts: European Space Weather Week
[7] Open Call for applicants for seven (7) four-year doctoral student positions
[8] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #5
[9] International Geophysical Research Group Europe-Asia, newsletter #54
[10] Two coordinated international efforts to identify solar signals in climate
Vol.7 No.10 [1] The doctoral programme in Exact Sciences
[2] The US (SWORM) Task Force seeks public comments. From [email protected]
[3] SCOSTEP Newsletter, April 2015
[4] Annual Report for Malaysia-MAGDAS MoU (for Year 2014)
[5] VarSITI Newsletter, Vol. 5, May 2015
Vol.7 No.11 [1] The International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI), by Nat Gopalswamy, Akimasa Yoshikawa
[2] How to Stop a Killer Asteroid (Discover Magazine, March 2015)
Vol.7 No.12 [1] Request to all persons hosting a MAGDAS magnetometer.
[2] International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) Followers Forum (LinkedIn)
[3] Space Weather Users Workshop in Australia
Vol.7 No.13 [1] Report on the UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather (Fukuoka, Japan, 2-6 March 2015).
[2] CALLISTO status report
[3] ESA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programme
[4] Third Workshop, Morelia, Mexico, 20-24 October 2015.
[5] "ISWI instrument distribution" (map) has been updated
Vol.7 No.14 [1] Space weather warning system scans our skies for solar storms
[2] ISEA-14 registration port is now opened
[3] ISEST-2015 Workshop -- 2nd Announcement
[4] ISELLI, at Abuja, Nigeria on 14-18 September 2015.
Vol.7 No.15 [1] "Solar Storm Early Forecasting: Towards a Data-driven Multi-scale Plasma Modeling Synthesis" Copenhagen, Nov.9th to Nov.11th, 2015
[2] "Space Weather Summer School", SWMC, Helwan, Egypt, 30 August to 10 September, 2015.
[3] "The European Space Weather Week (ESWW)"; and 3 medals that will be presented during it.
[4] "International Chapman Conference on Currents in Geospace and Beyond", Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 22 - 27, 2016
[5] "ICG Experts Meeting: Global Navigation Satellite Systems Services", Vienna, Austria, 14 - 18 December 2015
Vol.7 No.16 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #58). Yes(1)
Vol.7 No.17 [1] Message from the Nigerian Center for Atmospheric Research regarding:
(a) ISELLI - in Abuja, Nigeria. (b) 2015 AGS Conference - in Nairobi, Kenya
[2] A visit to the MAGDAS magnetometer at Khartoum, Sudan
Vol.7 No.18 [1] Callisto news-letter/status report #59
[2] Sun stripped away Martian atmosphere, article from The Japan News, Nov 7, 2015
[3] Report from the CHAIN PROJECT of Kyoto University (installation of new FMT in Saudi Arabia)
[4] Achievements in Space Science : Capacity building GIRGEA: 1991-2015
[5] Two messages regarding "2012 UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI"
Messages about "2015 UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather" & other topics from UNOOSA
Vol.7 No.19 [1] Seasons Greetings from the ISWI Secretariat and Steering Committee.
[2] Callisto news-letter / status report #60
[3] UN report for "UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather".
hide issues from 2015
Тwenty issues of the Newsletter was published in 2016. See the list
Vol.8 No. 1 [1] Publication note from Sun & Geosphere concerning UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather (2015)
[2] New Year Greetings from Atila Özgüc, editor-in-chief, Sun & Geosphere
[3] Session announcement: Session D2.1/E3.1 at COSPAR 2016:
Vol.8 No. 2 [1] Space Weather Workshop: From Scientific Discovery to Applications, Services, and Infrastructure Protection Yes(1)
Vol.8 No. 3 [1] Ionospheric flare detection using Raspberry Pi report Yes(1)
Vol.8 No. 4 [1] 19th International Beacon Satellite Symposium; June 27 - July 1, 2016, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. Abstract deadline: 15th February 2016
[2] The ICG, multifunction GNSS signals, and how to protect them; 1st June 2016; during the European Space Solutions (ESS) Conference
Vol.8 No. 5 [1] International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) (Annual Report 2015) 2016/02/19
[2] Report on the UN/Japan Workshop on Space Weather, by Werner Balogh, UN OOSA, COPUOS Space Weather Expert Group, Vienna, 15 February 2016.
[3] ISWI Steering Committee Meeting: Annotated Agenda; 2016 February 19, VIC, Vienna
[4] Special issue in AGU's Space Weather Journal (SWJ): The deadline for submission of the statement of interest extended.
Vol.8 No. 6 [1] COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop "Impact of Space Weather on Earth"; Kamchatka, Russia
[2] Honoring Prof. K. Yumoto
Vol.8 No. 7 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #61
[2] 2016 International Sunanda and Santimay Basu Early Career Award.
[3] 6th IAGA/ICMA/SCOSTEP Workshop on Vertical Coupling . . .
[4] Professor Christine Amory Mazaudier wins International Marcel Nicolet Medal for Space Weather and Space Climate 2015
[5] SCOSTEP/ISWI International School on Space Science,
Vol.8 No. 8 [1] Follow-up to the CALLISTO installations in Greenland.
[2] Two new ISWI national coordinators: For Australia, and for Mexico
[3] Space Weather Users Workshop, in Australia
[4] 2016 INSPIRE Workshop July 20-22, 2016, Taiwan
Vol.8 No. 9 [1] ESA-JRC Summer School on GNSS 2016, 18 - 29 July 2016
[2] "Peru installation report on December in 2015"
Vol.8 No. 10 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #61 Bright solar radio type II burst on May 5th 2016
[2] Call for applications: space weather week medals
[3] NOAA's big space weather satellite ready for action
Vol.8 No. 11 [1] Summary of "2016 SARA Western Conference"
[2] Geomagnetic Activity during Alaska's 2015 Autumn
Vol.8 No. 12 [1] IGRGEA LETTER International Geophysical Research Group/Europe-Africa, Number 55; May 2016
[2] Presentation file: "GNSS, SPACE WEATHER and CAPACITY BUILDING" 30 May - 03 June, 2016, Hague, Netherlands
[3] Request for Info: Future Directions in Solar Terrestrial Physics, from SCOSTEP
[4] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #63
[5] Status report on solar radio observations in Slovakia, by Ivan Dorotovic
Vol.8 No. 13 [1] News related to ISWI (UK)
[2] News related to UN-BSSI (India).
[3] Book review by Haubold H.J. and Werner R. Balogh
Vol.8 No. 14 [1] Book review by Whitham D. Reeve.
[2] Dr. Nat Gopalswamy (SCOSTEP President) becomes AGU Fellow.
[3] INSPIRE Workshop, 20-22 July 2016, NCU, Taiwan
Vol.8 No. 15 [1] United Nations/Nepal Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Kathmandu, Nepal, 12–16 December 2016
[2] 2016 World Space Week
Vol.8 No. 16 [1] 2016 World Space Week in Japan
[2] 2016 AGS (African Geophysical Society) Annual Conference
[3] ISWI Activity Report from Korea
[4] SCOSTEP/ISWI School in India
[5] Space weather research report from Sudan
Vol.8 No. 17 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #64
[2] Report from Sudan: 2016 World Space Week in Sudan
[3] Message from ISWI "Membership" Sub-Committee concerning National Coordinators
[4] 2016 World Space Week in Kitakyushu, Japan
Vol.8 No. 18 [1] School on GPS at BREST/France [13 - 17 February 2017]
[2] Report from Sudan: 2016 World Space Week in Sudan, Part 2
Vol.8 No. 19 [1] Message from the Executive Director of ISWI, Dr Nat Gopalswamy
[2] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #65
[3] Manila Observatory celebrates its 150th Anniversary with an international conference
[4] IGRGEA LETTER Number 57
[5] Report from Institute of Space Research and Aerospace (ISRA) for "Space weather in Sudan" prepared by: Mohammed Yahya Alkenani November 2016
Vol.8 No. 20 [1] "New Space Weather Activities in China", Dr Chi Wang
[2] Manila Observatory appoints new Executive Director
[3] First announcement "UN/US Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative: The Decade after the International Heliophysical Year 2007" Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, July 31÷August 4, 2017
[4] School report for "The SCOSTEP/ISWI International School on Space Science", Nov 2016, India
[5] Season's Greetings from the ISWI Executive Director
hide issues from 2016
Seventeen issues of the Newsletter was published in 2017. See the list
Vol.9 No. 1 [1] "Space Weather and Seismoelectromagnetics in the Philippines",
[2] A novel way to measure how much heat the oceans are hiding
[3] A new year card from GIRGEA
[4] Mohammed Yahya Alkenani "Space Weather Activities in Sudan"
[5] Upcoming "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting", - agenda, Dr Nat Gopalswami
Vol.9 No. 2 [1] Call for Expressions of Interest to Host International Data Week 2018
[2] Studying the Sun's behavior -- going back 290m years
[3] First International Workshop on Smallsats for Space Weather Research and Forecasting (SSWRF)
Vol.9 No. 3 [1] Annotated agenda ISWI Steering Committee Meeting 2017 February 1, 2017, Vienna, Austria
[2] Summer School on "Natural Space Risks", Aug 28 to Sep 1st 2017, Paris, France
[3] UN/US Workshop on ISWI July 31 ÷ August 4, 2017, Boston College, USA [from Boston College]
[4] UN/US Workshop on ISWI July 31 ÷ August 4, 2017, Boston College, USA [from UNOOSA]
[5] Second Announcement - IAU Symposium 335 17÷21 July 2017, Exeter, Devon, UK
[6] Fr. Daniel J. Mcnamara Fifty Years of Seismic Monitoring in Davao, Philippines.
Vol.9 No. 4 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #66
[2] CALLISTO Installation at National Space Agency (ANGKASA) of Malaysia,
[3] The Birkeland Space Weather Symposium
[4] FINAL REPORT of the Training-Workshop, Feb 19÷25, 2017, Mekelle, Ethiopia
[5] Polar Interlopers in the Aurora
[6] AAAS Meeting (Boston) examined space weather (article in The Economist, 25 Feb 2017)
[7] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #67
Vol.9 No. 5 [1] International Workshop on Solar, Heliospheric & Magnetospheric Radioastronomy : The Legacy of Jean-Louis Steinberg (1922÷2016)
[2] First Announcement: 47th Young European Radio Astronomers Conference, YERAC 2017
[3] An announcement: UN/USA Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative
[4] A critique of scientific journals; from THE ECONOMIST. A lot of food for thought
[5] The economic impact of space weather -- a paper sent in by a subscriber
Vol.9 No. 6 [1] MEETING: "1st International Workshop on Small Satellites for Space Weather Research and Forecasting" (SSWRF 2017), Aug 1-4 2017 Washington DC, US
[2] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #68
[3] Call for Nominations: International SPACE WEATHER MEDALS
[4] Space Weather Effects in the Ionosphere and Thermosphere: Advances in Monitoring, Modeling and Mitigation Techniques Deadline for contributions: 10 May 2017
Vol.9 No. 7 [1] New results from PRL in India: Solar wind flow angle and geo-effectiveness of corotating interaction regions;
[2] ISWI Newsletter now has 500 subscribers
[3] Matsumae International Foundation (MIF) Research Fellowship
Vol.9 No. 8 [1] A Photographic Tribute to the Unforgettable Secretary of SERC/ICSWSE of Kyushu University,Japan Yes(1)
Vol.9 No. 9 [1] 2017 Space Weather Enterprise Forum
[2] Report from Kazakhstan, 2016
[3] Report from Indonesia, 2016
[4] Report from Philippines, 2016
[5] UN/US International Space Weather Initiative Workshop
[6] IGRGEA LETTER No. 58 JUNE 2017
[7] The New York Times article "Solving the Scorching Mystery of the Sun's Erupting Plasma Jets"
[8] Visitors to the ISWI website
Vol.9 No. 10 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #69
[2] Observation of Solar Radio Waves by CALLISTO Radio Spectrometer in new CALLISTO station
Vol.9 No. 11 [1] News from India: "175 years of Colaba-Alibag pair of magnetic observatories"
[2] News regarding the recent total eclipse that passed over the USA
[3] Severe space weather chronicled in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Vol.9 No. 12 [1] Update on SuperSID -- A collaboration of Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) and Standford Solar Center
[2] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #70
[3] Socioeconomic Study on the Impact of Space Weather on Canadian Infrastructure
Vol.9 No. 13 [1] An invitation to a special issue of Sun and Geosphere dedicated to the UN/US Workshop on ISWI July 31÷August 4, 2017, Boston College, USA
[2] Report on the UN/US Workshop on the ISWI: Boston, US, 31 July÷4 August 2017
Vol.9 No. 14 [1] Message from "Sun and Geosphere" journal regarding the recent UN/US ISWI Workshop held on July 31÷August 4, 2017 at Boston College, MA, USA.
[2] 3-year Postdoc Position in Heliophysics at FHNW, Switzerland
[3] First Announcement: 15th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (ISEA-15) during 22÷26 October 2018 at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India
Vol.9 No. 15 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #71.
[2] The 3rd edition of the IMAO Space Weather School ISWI-MAGHREB-WEST AFRICA (IMAO 2017)
[3] COLAGE XI - Eleventh Latin American Conference on Space Geophysics 16÷20 April 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina
[4] Call for abstracts to Session ST3.6 at EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, Apr 8÷13, 2018.
[5] UNISPACE+50 will take place next year
Vol.9 No. 16 [1] [1] Photos The UN/US Workshop on ISWI: 31 July ÷ 4 August, 2017, Boston, MA, USA.
[2] Report on the 3rd Edition of the School of Space Weather ISWI-MAGHREB-West Africa (IMAO 2017) Abidjan/Cote D'Ivoire, 16÷28 October 2017
Vol.9 No. 17 [1] Message from the Executive Director of ISWI, Dr. N. Gopalswamy
[2] M. Abdullah et al. Fostering research aptitude among high school students through space weather competition
[3] Update on the ISWI observation network
[4] Report on "2nd International School on Equatorial and Low Latitude Ionosphere" (ISELLI) Nigeria, 11÷15 September 2017
[5] IGRGEA LETTER, Number 59 Dec 2017
[6] Extension of deadline for manuscripts; UN/US ISWI workshop, Boston, July 31÷Aug 4, 2017
[7] Call for Papers "Int'l Conference on Space Weather and Satellite Application, (ICeSSAT), Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, 7÷8 Aug 2018
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Fourteen+ issues of the Newsletter was published in 2018. See the list
Vol.10 No. 1 [1] Message from the Executive Director of ISWI, Dr. N. Gopalswamy
[2] First ann. COSPAR Capacity-Building Workshop Coronal and Interplanetary Shocks
[3] Second ann. 14th Quadrennial SCOSTEP Symposium July 9÷13, 2018 Toronto, Canada
[4] Six-decade-old space mystery solved with shoebox-sized satellite called a CubeSat
[5] Japan's Fall 2018 Mission to Antarctica
[6] ISWI Data Policy Announcement
Vol.10 No. 2 [1] 2018 International Conference of Space Weather and Satellite Application (ICeSSAT 2018)
[2] A review of the last 10 years of study for the ten year of IHY is published in SUN AND GEOSPHERE volume 12 supplement
Vol.10 No. 3 [1] Agenda ISWI Steering Committee Meeting 2018
[2] Special issue of "Sun and Geosphere" -- deadline has been extended
[3] Report on the German ISWI activities, 19 January 2018
[4] UN/Argentina Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Vol.10 No. 4 [1] ISWI news from the Philippines
[2] How to access the presentation files of the recent "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting" during STSC of COPUOS gathering
[3] Photos of "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting" during STSC of COPUOS gathering, Feb 2018
[4] COSPAR Capacity-Building Workshop, Ethiopia
[5] PIERS 2018 Symposium in Toyama 1÷4 August, 2018, Japan
Vol.10 No. 5 [1] Message from the Callisto Project
[2] How this newsletter is distributed world wide
[3] ISWI Data Policy update, and upcoming "Sun and Geosphere"
[4] Announcement "Solar Influences on the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Atmosphere",
Primorsko, Bulgaria, 4÷8 June 2018
[5] 2017 annual report from Kazakhstan
Vol.10 No. 6 [1] Article from Japan
[2] 15th European Space Weather Week (ESWW)
[3] EST (European Solar Telescope) Science Meeting
[4] Article "Analysis of a Type II Solar Radio Burst Observedon 20 October 2017"
[5] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #73
Vol.10 No. 7 [1] Call for nominations: International space weather and space climate medals
[2] COSPAR Space Weather Capacity Building Workshop 2018
[3] Space Weather Observation at Abuja, Nigeria
[4] GLAC 2018: Living under the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly
[5] The Return of the Python at the CEDAR workshop in the USA
[6] Japanese article about the Parker Solar Probe
[7] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #74
[8] ISWI School on Space Weather and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS); Baku, Azerbaijan; 8÷12 October 2018
Vol.10 No. 8 [1] Catholic University of America offers a new degree in space weather
[2] First annoncement "SCHOOL OF SPACE WEATHER " Thies, Senegal, 15÷25 October 2019
[3] XI COLAGE Buenos Aires, Argentina, 16÷20, April 2018. The after-action report.
Vol.10 No. 9 [1] The ISWI School on SW and GNSS; Baku, Azerbaijan, on 8÷12 October 2018
[2] The last letter of network GIRGEA
Vol.10 No.10 [1] "Astronomy in Peru", by José Kaname Ishitsuka [son of M. Ishitsuka]
[2] Obituary of M.Ishitsuka in Japanese
[3] Obituary of M.Ishitsuka in Spanish
[4] Astronomy Against Terrorism: an Educational Astronomical Observatory Project in Peru by Ishitsuka, M.; Montes, H.; Kuroda, T.; Morimoto, M.; Ishitsuka, J.
[5] IGRGEA LETTER (International Geophysical Research Group) No. 60, JUNE 2018
[6] PhD studies at the University of Oulu, Finland. Call for applications.
[7] Workshop FReSWeD 2019: Towards Future Research on Space Weather Drivers; July 2-7, 2019 in San Juan, Argentina
[8] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #75
Vol.10 No.11 [1] The New York Times on the Parker Solar Probe
[2] A Japanese newspaper also writes about Parker Solar Probe
[3] Obit on Ruby Payne-Scott -- used radio waves to detect solar bursts
Vol.10 No.12 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #76
[2] FReSWeD 2019: July 2-7 2019, San Juan, Argentina
[3] 4th Edition (IMAO 2019) School of Space Weather Thiés / Senegal, 15 - 25 October 2019
[4] Frédéric Ouattara, is the winner of the Africa Award for Research Excellence in Space Science
[5] Book review
Vol.10 No.13 [1] Book reviews by Whit Reeve
[2] Announcement on two Topical Issues of Advances in Space Research;
[3] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #77
[4] The First Callisto Station in Nepal, Suman Gautam, 29 Oct. 2018, Nepal
[5] Third Announcement - FReSWeD 2019 July 2-7, 2019, San Juan, Argentina
Vol.10 No.14 [1] News from the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science
[2] AGS Conference on Space Weather, Cairo, EGYPT, 25-28 March 2019
[3] Father Dan's Geospace Engineering Program News from Philippines
[4] AGS Newsletter - Vol.1 No.1 - 27 November 2018
[5] Readers of the ISWI website; a map of the world
[6] 3rd FReSWeD Towards Future Research on Space Weather Drivers July 2÷7, 2019; San Juan, Argentina
[7] International Space Weather Initiative Workshop, Trieste, Italy, 20÷24 May 2019
[8] Another Space Weather Book Review from Whit
[9] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #78
AGS NL AGS Newsletter Vol.1 No.1 - 27 November 2018 NO
hide issues from 2018
Seventeen issues of the Newsletter are published in 2019. See the list
Vol.11 No. 1 [1] IGRGEA Newsletter No.61 December 2018
[2] FReSWeD 2019 (July 2-7, 2019; San Juan, Argentina) - Reminder and Deadline Extension
Vol.11 No. 2 [1] ISWI Workshop, Trieste, Italy, 20÷24 May 2019 -- Submission Deadline has been extended
[2] Special issue (Vol.13, No.2 - 2018) of the Sun and Geosphere on
"The Decade after the International Heliophysical Year 2007."
[3] International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) Annual Report 2018
[4] New Year Message from the Executive Director of ISWI
Vol.11 No. 3 [1] "ISWI Philippines Report 2018", by Quirino Sugon Jr
[2] "The Northern and Southern Lights Are Asymmetric Dancers in the Dark", an article in New York Times
[3] African Geophysical Society (AGS) Conference on Space Weather 2019 Cairo, EGYPT, 25÷28 March 2019
[4] Photos of ISWI Steering Committee Meeting -- recently held in Vienna
Vol.11 No. 4 [1] Announcement of summer school on "NATURAL SPACE RISKS", August 26÷31, 2019,
[2] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #79
[3] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #80 (
[4] Statement by Kevin Conole, US Representative, during recent STSC meeting; Feb 12, 2019
[5] Minutes - ISWI Steering Committee Meeting 2019, Feb 14, 2019
[6] African Geophysical Society (AGS) Newsletter- Vol.2 No. 003 21 March 2019
Vol.11 No. 5 [1] Postdoc Opportunity - "Space Weather Data, Modeling and Forecasting" from Georgia Tech
[2] AGS (African Geophysical Society) Newsletter - Vol.2 No.004 - 21 April 2019
Vol.11 No. 6 [1] Enter the Mission Idea Contest -- for space engineering students
[2] SW-NICONET Network Newsletter Vol.1, Iss.4, May 2019
[3] 2nd INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ASTRONAUTICS, 11÷15 November 2019, Argentina
[4] International Colloquium Sep. 9÷13, 2019 , Lagos, Nigeria
[5] Call for nominations: International space weather & Space climate medals
[6] Tenure track job announcement: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
[7] CALLISTO status report / news-letter #81
Vol.11 No. 7 [1] AGS Newsletter Vol.2 No. 005 18 May 2019
[2] Two photos from recent "ISWI Workshop 2019" hosted by ICTP in Italy
[3] The Eastern Africa Global Navigation Satellite System and Space weather Workshop, 13÷17 May, 2019, Pwani University, Kilifi-Kenya
[4] ESWW second call for abstract Session: Geomagnetic Storms: a Geomagnetically Induced Current perspective
[5] VarSITI Closing Symposium; June 10-14, 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria
Vol.11 No. 8 [1] "Eastern Africa Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Space Weather Capacity Building Workshop" Pwani University, Kenya, 13÷17 May 2019
[2] Singthong Khamone Abstract, Space Weather effects to Satellite Communications
[3] Mission Idea Contest #6
[4] Report on 2019 AGS CONFERENCE ON SPACE WEATHER 25÷28 March 2019, Cairo, Egypt
Vol.11 No. 9 [1] Nat Gopalswamy Notes on the ISWI/ICTP workshop Trieste, Italy, May 20÷24, 2019
[2] Group photo ISWI/ICTP workshop Trieste, Italy, May 20÷24, 2019
[3] The International Space Weather Initiative by Nat Gopalswamy (ISWI Executive Director)
[4] L5 Consortium Meeting "Missions to non-Earth Vantage Points" Oct 1÷3, 2019, Stanford, USA
[5] SW Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SW-NICONET) Vol.1 Iss.5, June 2019
[6] "VarSITI Closing Symposium", Sofia, Bulgaria, 10÷14 June, 2019
[7] The "UN/ICTP Workshop on ISWI", May 20÷24, 2019, Trieste, Italy
[8] (African Geophysical Society)AGS Newsletter- Vol.2 No.6, 22 June 2019
[9] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #82
[10] A message from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
[11] Someone to take care of your experiments: ICE Cubes Services
Vol.11 No. 10 [1] AGU SM004 Session "A global Network of International Action Teams Targeting Improvements of Resilience to Space Weather"
[2] AGU 2019 SESSION - "Research and Applications Towards Space Weather Services for Aviation"
[3] AGS Newsletter ---- Vol.2 No. 007; 20 July 2019
[4] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #83
Vol.11 No. 11 [1] Special Issue of AnnGeo on "Satellite observations for space weather and geo-hazard"; deadline extended to Feb. 29, 2020.
[2] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SW-NICONET); Vol.1(6), August 2019
[3] AGS Newsletter---Vol.2 No. 008, 21 August 2019
Vol.11 No. 12 [1] Six UN scholarships (PNST) are available for space engineering
[2] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #84
[3] COSPAR Capacity-Building Workshop; Kodaikanal, India,January 6÷17, 2020
[4] Call for manuscripts, space-weather-related, Sun & Geosphere
[5] The 14th G4SUW Workshop will be held on October 21-23, 2019, Xylokastro, Greece
Vol.11 No. 13 [1] Report from Argentina - September 2019
[2] Report from Lao PDR, by Mr. Singthong Khamone
[3] Six UN scholarships (PNST) are available for space engineering
[4] Report from Africa AGS Newsletter- Vol.2 No. 9 22 September 2019
Vol.11 No. 14 [1] “Survey on the use of CGMS Operational Space Weather Data“
[2] COSPAR ISWAT Inaugural Working Meeting 10-14 February 2020
Vol.11 No. 15 [1] Obituary of Kiyohumi Yumoto, from Kyushu University
[2] Job Opening: Research Chair in Space Weather at South African National Space Agency (SANSA) in South Africa
[3] Prof. Rabiu Babatunde Professor Kiyohumi Yumoto (1951-2019): Exit of a Legend
[4] Prof. Rabiu Babatunde Ode to Professor Kiyohumi Yumoto (1951-2019)
[5] AGS Newsletter- Vol.2 No. 010 22 October 2019
[6] Uganda Warming Up to Host ISWI Workshop In 2021
[7] Report from Space Weather Workshop in Nepal for ISWI Newslette
[8] Report of International Colloquium on Equatorial and Low Latitude Ionosphere,
[9] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SW-NICONET) Vol.1 Iss.7, October. 2019
[10] Sharing of ISWI data by working with the International Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance (IHDEA)
[11] CGMS Operational Space Weather Data User Survey: Space Weather Service Providers
[12] "SCOSTEP Visiting Scholar" (SVS) program is accepting applications for 2020
[13] Published paper: "Training on GNSS and Space Weather in Africa in the framework of the North-South scientific network GIRGEA"
Vol.11 No. 16 [1] Professor Kiyohumi Yumoto (1951-2019): Exit of a Legend
[2] Prof. Rabiu Babatunde Ode to Professor Kiyohumi Yumoto (1951-2019)
[3] European Space Weather Week (three medals)
[4] IGRGEA LETTER No62, October 2019
[5] XII Latin American Conference on Space Geophysics (COLAGE)
[6] Space Weather Nigeria Communication Network (SwNICONET) Newsletter
[7] AGS Newsletter Vol.2 No.11, 22 Nov. 2019
[8] Announcing the establishment of the IHDEA: International Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance
[9] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #85
[10] REPORT 4th EDITION of the ISWI-MAGHREB-West Africa (IMAO 2019) School Of Space Weather Thiés / Senegal, 15÷25 October 2019
Vol.11 No. 17 [1] Season's greetings from the ISWI Steering Committee
[2] COSPAR: Second call for abstract submission in session C1.4
[3] AGS Newsletter- Vol.2 No. 12 26 December 2019
[4] Photos of the late Prof. K. Yumoto of Japan
[5] EGU 2020 Call for abstracts at Session ST4.4
[6] Season's greetings from IKFIA of Russia
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Fifteen issues of the Newsletter are published in 2020. See the list
Vol.12 No. 1 [1] Message from the ISWI Secretariat, dated 24 December 2019
[2] COPUOS “Report on the workshop on the ISWI (Trieste, Italy, 20÷24 May 2019)” English version
[3] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SwNICONET) Vol. 1 Iss. 9, Dec 2019
Vol.12 No. 2 [1] Space weather from the aviation perspective
[2] Faculty Opening; Department of Space Science and Engineering; Nat. Central University, Taiwan
[3] First call: Topical Issue "Geomagnetic Storms and Substorm: a Geomagnetically Induced Current perspective"; deadline 30 June 2020
[4] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter Vol. 2 Iss. 001, January, 2020
[5] New Year Greetings from the GIRGEA Network
[6] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No.01, 22 January 2020
[7] The COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop on Coronal and Interplanetary Shocks (at Kodaikanal January 6-17, 2020)
Vol.12 No. 3 [1] National reports from the ISWI Steering Committee Meeting 7 Feb 2020 Vienna, Austria
[2] 2019 space weather report of Ukraine
[3] A Summer School plus Conference on "Nonstationary Signal Analysis in Geophysics and other fields“ will take place at Gran Sasso Science Institute, in L’Aquila, Italy, 13-18 July 2020
[4] Some photos of the ISWI Steering Committee Meeting 7 Feb 2020 , Vienna, Austria
[5] COSPAR 43rd Scientific Assembly Final call for abstracts
[6] Announcement UN/India Workshop on ISWI, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India, Nov 2-6, 2020
[7] the CALLISTO station at INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Trieste
[8] Los Alamos Space Weather Summer School
[9] Minutes - ISWI Steering Committee Meeting 2020 - February 7, 2020
Vol.12 No. 4 [1] ISWI Steering Committee Meeting of 7 Feb 2020 at Vienna. Presentation from Japan.
[2] ISWI Steering Committee Meeting of 7 Feb 2020 at Vienna. Presentation from Pakistan.
[3] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter, Vol. 2 Iss.2, Feb 2020
Vol.12 No. 5 [1] Postdoctoral Position in the Mathematics/Space Physics at the Uni. of Oulu, Finland
[2] Great mysteries of the sun; new probes to the sun
[3] AGS Newsletter - Vol.3 No.02; 25 February 2020
[4] New ISWI coordinators presented by Christine Amory-Mazaudier
5] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #86
Vol.12 No. 6 [1] Message from the ISWI Executive Director, Dr Nat Gopalswamy
[2] SW Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SwNICONET) Vol.2 Iss.3, March, 2020
[3] Summer School and Conference in Nonstationary Signal Analysis in Geophysics … postponed
[4] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No.03 31 March 2020
[5] Report MAGDAS in Sri Lanka
Vol.12 No. 7 [1] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No.04 2 May 2020 None
Vol.12 No. 8 [1] Message regarding the papers submitted to the special issue of "Sun and Geosphere" on the ISWI/ICTP workshop in May 2019, Trieste, Italy.
[2] Nagoya University (Japan) seeks applicants for academic position
[3] "Space Weather Activities of the GIRGEA Team". by Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier
[4] "The Sun Is a Bit Boring, Which May Make It Special"; The New York Times, 30 April 2020.
Vol.12 No. 9 [1] JOB Position of Interest to the Ionospheric Community CCMC Ionosphere Scientist.
[2] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SwNICONET); Vol. 2 Iss. 04, 2020.
[3] AGS Newsletter - Vol.3, No. 05; 2 June 2020
[4] 2020 Contest for the International Space Weather Medals.
[5] WALDO: Massive public repository of ELF/VLF radio data
[6] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #87.
Vol.12 No. 10 [1] 10 years birthday Ooty solar radio burst.
[2] Why is Project HAARP so controversial?
[3] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SwNICONET) Vol 2 Iss 5, June, 2020
[4] Space Weather and Coronal Mass Ejection | Maire Goreman |TEDxAberystwyth
[5] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No.06, July 2020
[6] THE ECONOMIST discusses catastrophic risks to humanity… incl. risks associated with our Sun
[7] Final call: Topical Issue "Geomagnetic Storms and Substorm: a Geomagnetically Induced Current perspective", deadline 31 Oct 2020
Vol.12 No. 11 [1] Reader comment about HAARP located in Alaska
[2] Magnetic sea mines detonated by CME, during the Vietnam War
[3] Announcement about COLAGE 2020 meeting that was organized for the week of Dec 14÷18, 2020, in Pucon Chile.
[4] International Geophysical Research Group /Europe-Africa-Asia, LETTER, 63, June 2020
[5] International Colloquium on Equatorial and Low-Latitude Ionosphere (ICELLI), Sep 15÷17, 2020
[6] AGS Newsletter --- Vol.3 No. 06; 6 July 2020
[7] New eSWua webportal for ionospheric data and product
Vol.12 No. 12 [1] Japanese Government scholarships are available for students and professionals residing in ...
[2] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No. 08 27 August 2020
[3] African Workshop on GNSS and Space Weather, CRASTE-LF, 5-6 October 2020, Rabat, Morocco
[4] "A Solar Forecast With Good News for ..." Kenneth Chang, 15 Sept 2020, The New York Times.
Vol.12 No. 13 [1] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SwNICONET) Vol. 2 Iss.6, Sep, 2020
[2] Obituary of Joan Feynman
[3] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #88
[4] African Workshop on GNSS and Space Weather
Vol.12 No. 14 [1] Message from the Executive Director, ISWI Secretariat
[2] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No.10; 24 October 2020
Vol.12 No. 15 [1] Season's Greeting from the Executive Director, ISWI Secretariat
[2] ISWI Annual Report from the Executive Director, ISWI Secretariat
[3] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No. 11 .....19 November 2020
[4] AGS Newsletter- Vol.3 No. 12 .....18 December 2020
[5] Magnetometers based on diamonds; article from THE ECONOMIST.
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Ten issues of the Newsletter are published in 2021. See the list
Vol.13 No. 1 [1] Message regarding the papers submitted to the special issue of "Sun and Geosphere" on the ISWI/ICTP workshop in May 2019, Trieste, Italy.
[2] Nagoya University (Japan) seeks applicants for academic position
[3] "Space Weather Activities of the GIRGEA Team". by Dr Christine Amory-Mazaudier
[4] "The Sun Is a Bit Boring, Which May Make It Special"; The New York Times, 30 April 2020.
Vol.13 No. 2 [1] Presentations of 19 Feb 2021 ISWI Steering Committee Meeting
[3] Data from 2 ISWI Instruments (AWESOME, eCallisto) are now Accessible from NASA Data Services
[4] ISWI Data Subcommittee Report, 19 Feb 2021
[5] The first issue of the ISWI Newsletter (in 2009)
[6] SCOSTEP/PRESTO Grants for Year 2021
[7] Welcome to Space Environment Program, M.Sc. and Ph.D Programs at E-JUST in Egypt
[8] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SwNICONET) Vol. 3, Iss 01, Jan, 2021
Vol.13 No. 3 [1] AGS Newsletter- Vol.4 No. 02 _28 February 2021
[2] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #89
Vol.13 No. 4 [1] Minutes of ISWI Steering Committee Meeting of 19 Feb 2021
[2] A paper concerning space weather and the ISWI network
[3] Announcement: Iberian Space Science Summer School
[4] Summer School plus Conference on “Mathematics for Nonstationary Signals,and applications in Geophysics and other fields” - L'Aquila (Italy) and online, July 2021
[5] UNOOSA 2021 Space for Youth Competition launched!
[6] UN/Mongolia workshop on the applications of GNSS, 25÷29 October 2021, Online Mongolia
[7] AGS Newsletter- Vol.4 No.03 25 March 2021
[8] New publication: "The formation of ionospheric physics - confluence of traditions and threads of continuity"
Vol.13 No. 5 [1] Iberian Space Science Summer School ––i4s
[2] A call for volunteers for “Quo Vadis European Space Weather Community”
[3] "2021 contest for the international space weather and space climate medals" -- winners will be honored at European Space Weather Week, October 25th, 2021
[4] Space Weather Nigerian Communication Network Newsletter (SwNICONET) V.3 Iss. 02, April, 2021
[5] SWATNet Project (Portugal), and 12 Phd grants
[6] AGS Newsletter - Vol.4 No.04 28 April 2021
Vol.13 No. 6 [1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #90
[2] AGS Newsletter --- Vol.4 No. 05; 29 May 2021
[3] We are now in the process of hiring 12 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) to pursue their PhD degrees in a challenging, inherently international and interdisciplinary research environment.
Vol.13 No. 7 [1] AGS Newsletter- Vol.4; No. 06; 24 June 2021
[2] Closure of the Onagawa Magnetic Field Observatory of Tohoku University
[3] United Nations/Mongolia workshop on the applications of GNSS, 25÷29 Oct 2021, Mongolia
[4] SUMMER SPACE WEATHER SCHOOL; Physics and use of tools
[5] Voting results for the European Space Weather & Climate organization.
[6] Ionospheric and Magnetic Signatures of Space Weather Events at Middle and Low Latitudes: Experimental Studies and Modelling ( special issue of MDPI )
[7] IGRGEA LETTER; N° 65 JUNE 2021
Vol.13 No. 8 [1] COSPAR roadmap on space weather, and STP 15 meeting. (from ISWI Secretariat)
[2] We would like to invite you to participate in the XII COLAGE 2021 that will be held ONLINE (in Chile) from November 22÷26, 2021.
[3] AGS Newsletter- Vol.4 No. 07; 27 July 2021,

Vol.13 No. 9 [1] ISWI Workshop on Space Weather, 2 ÷ 3 November 2021 - - Announcemen
[2] Callisto news-letter 91 with a new instrument
[3] Message from Prof. Kazuo Shiokawa, SCOSTEP President
[4] AGS Newsletter- Vol.4 No. 08,    29 August 2021
[5] Message from Dr. Nat Gopalswamy regarding STEPSYS
[6] Possibility of major solar event affecting the global internet

Vol.13 No. 10 [1] Abstract submissions are open for the 2022 Cospar Scientific Assembly
[2] i4s – First Iberian Space Science Summer School Report;
[4] AGS Newsletter ---- Vol.4 No. 09; 05 October 2021
[5] CubeSats to study Earth's magnetosphere and exoplanets launch with Landsat 9

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